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  • R.I.P. is Coroner’s first full-length album. It was released in 1987. There are 13 tracks; five of these are instrumentals. The material is in a metal musical direction with progressive leanings. I am impressed with the creativeness of the band’s musical arrangements–also, I like the shifting tempos of the songs. I find the songwriting to be solid, the musicianship to be proficient, and the sound quality to be satisfying. Ron Royce is a distinctive vocalist who gets the job done. Tommy T. Baron is an accomplished guitarist whose soloing is meticulous and fluid. In addition, Marquis Marky’s drumming is impeccable. Examples of compositions that I enjoy are “Intro,” “Reborn Through Hell,” “When Angels Die,” “Intro (Nosferatu),” “Nosferatu,” “R.I.P.,” “Fried Alive,” and “Totentanz.” “Intro” is an attractive instrumental with nice keyboard work. The invigorating “Reborn Through Hell” supplies indelible guitar riffs from Baron. The propelling “When Angels Die” provides background vocals that are engaging and memorable. The instrumental “Intro (Nosferatu)” contains pleasing guitar work from Baron. The nicely crafted instrumental “Nosferatu” is a worthy showcase for Baron’s guitar playing prowess. The lively “R.I.P.” sports a remarkable-sounding bass guitar line from Royce. “Fried Alive” features a gratifying main guitar riff from Baron, and “Totentanz” exhibits another nice guitar riff from him. As for the CD insert, the song lyrics are not contained, but there is an individual black-and-white photo of each member of the group and a black-and-white drawing included. A color illustration is displayed on the back of the CD jewel case. The disc is 45 minutes. This is a recommendable album.

    Posted on February 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Just a quick note on this excellent release : track 2 is “Reborn Through Hate”, not “Reborn Through Hell”. At least, that’s how it is on my original issue cassette.

    Posted on February 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I first got this album in the 10th grade(about 20 years ago)and I have always loved it. I live in phoenix Arizona and I left the tape on my car seat and it melted about 6-8 years ago. I dont know why it took me so long to replace it because this album is a neccessity for any metal library. Its been a long time since Ive tried to listen to any other Coroner albums and if I remember correctly they sold out after this album(in my opinion). But R.I.P. will always be among my all time favorite albums. It is a must have! All the bands of today like stained, disturbed, slipnot and whoever else that thinks that dressing up and whining alot makes you metal, really need to listen to cds like coroners R.I.P. and get a clue of what metal is. But I am old and I know that “metal” bands of today sell more albums by being totally monotonous and acting like there all deep, depressed, and that life has treated them unfair. But in my opinion it is not metal, it will never be metal and they should trade in there costumes for cowboy boots and go country. Metal isnt about writing songs that you think will sell or being all depressed and deep. Honestly how can anyone respect any band that makes 20 million dollars and then keeps whining about how rough and unfair the world has been to them and then make another 20 million off simpletons that buy there next album which is the exact same. To me metal is pushing boundaries, not giving a crap about what people think, writing music that is intricate and complicated, and a yeah lifes rough, it even sucks sometimes but I am just going to smash through the tough times and conquer attitude. They could learn alot from Coroners R.I.P. album. Maybe metal bands of today would realize that they arent metal, (because people like me are still alive and remember what real metal is), start wearing really tight jeans, go on tour with Garth Brooks and whine and cry. Because there is already a music genre for crying and its called country music not metal. Sorry for my tangeant but that somes up how great this album is, and I will always be blasting albums like R.I.P. until I R.I.P.. Truely a classic and a must have unless you are a country music fan that paints there nails black, in denial, so confused, sad and to dumb to realize that they are a country fan not a metal fan.

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Cor·o·ner (kôr-nr, kr-)
    1. A public officer whose primary function is to investigate by inquest any death thought to be of other than natural causes.
    2. A three-piece thrash outfit hailing from areas generally populated by various germanic tribal peoples.

    Either way you slice it, Coroners have interesting jobs. Everyone knows that metalheads like death, and not in an emo “please kill me I can’t go on without my beloved ear gauges” way, but in a more “I hope you choke on your next meal you ass” manner.

    So this band drops onto my lap like I just spilled hot coffee, and it burns just as much. It’s fast, shreddy, thrashy stew with all the important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Plus it contains more then your daily requirement of awesomeness. Tight drumming, spectacular riffage, moreso spectacular leads, and haunting vocals combine to make a nice thrash soup for the soul. Plus, Coroner hits a sweet spot on my weakness for instrumentals.

    I’ve always thought that instrumentals really force you to bring your A-game. You cannot simply churn out a verse/chorus/verse format because there are no vocals to carry the song. So it forces your musical chops to shine through perfectly. It’s nice to hear a good 2-minute lead or a riff that keeps kicking ass undistracted.

    You have classical-inspired leads and rhythms that make this band stand out from the rest. My only complaint is that the bass could’ve cut through a bit more, but I can’t really be too upset about this, because it’s good enough to earn a presidential pardon for kicking ass.

    Generally, people often call the triplet of Kreator, Destruction, and Sodom as the “Unholy Trinity of German Thrash Metal”. Personally, I’d like to recommend to the Heavy Metal Senate a motion that would retroactively promote Coroner as an honorary member of that body. Numerical continuity be damned (implying four bands can’t be a trinity, for those who don’t understand that statement)!

    All said, R.I.P. is an amazing piece of thrash metal music, especially as a first album. I’ll be reviewing Punishment for Decadence shortly, so expect more eerily amused grins coming out of this satisfied metalhead.

    I award Coroner the best seat in the classroom and five gold stars, plus it gets first dibs on what they want during playtime.

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a long time Coroner fan. I remember watching “Headbangers Ball” one night back in the mid/late 80’s, and catching Coroners’ “Masked Jackal” video. It completely blew me away….

    Since then, I’ve been a huge fan, as you can probably already tell by just looking at my username.

    This is Coroners’ debut release, and it totally RIPS!!!!!

    For a three man outfit, Coroner blends Death Metal / Thrash / and Speed Metal all into one brilliantly produced release. This isn’t my favorite Coroner however, that would go to the epic “Mental Vortex” IMO. “RIP” is probably the fastest Coroner release, and maybe the most brutal. It’s hard to describe who they sound like because they don’t sound like anyone but Coroner.

    This is a very good place to start also. They didn’t really ever change their sound or style, so basically any Coroner release will lead you in the same direction. I consider Coroner one of the most talented, and most inspiring Death Metal bands ever. The music Coroner produced in the 80’s, still sounds very fresh now {2009}, compared to some of the top performers of today like Opeth….

    This was one highly talented group of musicians, and unfortunately, they never gained the respect they deserved in the States. I think once you hear Coroner, you’ll understand why I like these guys as much as I do. They were way ahead of their time IMO, and to this day, even at 38 years of age, I still listen to Coroner on a regular basis….

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now