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  • I’ve been a long time Coroner fan. I remember watching “Headbangers Ball” one night back in the mid/late 80’s, and catching Coroners’ “Masked Jackal” video. It completely blew me away….

    Since then, I’ve been a huge fan, as you can probably already tell by just looking at my username.

    This is Coroners’ debut release, and it totally RIPS!!!!!

    For a three man outfit, Coroner blends Death Metal / Thrash / and Speed Metal all into one brilliantly produced release. This isn’t my favorite Coroner however, that would go to the epic “Mental Vortex” IMO. “RIP” is probably the fastest Coroner release, and maybe the most brutal. It’s hard to describe who they sound like because they don’t sound like anyone but Coroner.

    This is a very good place to start also. They didn’t really ever change their sound or style, so basically any Coroner release will lead you in the same direction. I consider Coroner one of the most talented, and most inspiring Death Metal bands ever. The music Coroner produced in the 80’s, still sounds very fresh now {2009}, compared to some of the top performers of today like Opeth….

    This was one highly talented group of musicians, and unfortunately, they never gained the respect they deserved in the States. I think once you hear Coroner, you’ll understand why I like these guys as much as I do. They were way ahead of their time IMO, and to this day, even at 38 years of age, I still listen to Coroner on a regular basis….

    Posted on February 10, 2010