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  • I first got this album in the 10th grade(about 20 years ago)and I have always loved it. I live in phoenix Arizona and I left the tape on my car seat and it melted about 6-8 years ago. I dont know why it took me so long to replace it because this album is a neccessity for any metal library. Its been a long time since Ive tried to listen to any other Coroner albums and if I remember correctly they sold out after this album(in my opinion). But R.I.P. will always be among my all time favorite albums. It is a must have! All the bands of today like stained, disturbed, slipnot and whoever else that thinks that dressing up and whining alot makes you metal, really need to listen to cds like coroners R.I.P. and get a clue of what metal is. But I am old and I know that “metal” bands of today sell more albums by being totally monotonous and acting like there all deep, depressed, and that life has treated them unfair. But in my opinion it is not metal, it will never be metal and they should trade in there costumes for cowboy boots and go country. Metal isnt about writing songs that you think will sell or being all depressed and deep. Honestly how can anyone respect any band that makes 20 million dollars and then keeps whining about how rough and unfair the world has been to them and then make another 20 million off simpletons that buy there next album which is the exact same. To me metal is pushing boundaries, not giving a crap about what people think, writing music that is intricate and complicated, and a yeah lifes rough, it even sucks sometimes but I am just going to smash through the tough times and conquer attitude. They could learn alot from Coroners R.I.P. album. Maybe metal bands of today would realize that they arent metal, (because people like me are still alive and remember what real metal is), start wearing really tight jeans, go on tour with Garth Brooks and whine and cry. Because there is already a music genre for crying and its called country music not metal. Sorry for my tangeant but that somes up how great this album is, and I will always be blasting albums like R.I.P. until I R.I.P.. Truely a classic and a must have unless you are a country music fan that paints there nails black, in denial, so confused, sad and to dumb to realize that they are a country fan not a metal fan.

    Posted on February 10, 2010