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  • R.I.P. is Coroner’s first full-length album. It was released in 1987. There are 13 tracks; five of these are instrumentals. The material is in a metal musical direction with progressive leanings. I am impressed with the creativeness of the band’s musical arrangements–also, I like the shifting tempos of the songs. I find the songwriting to be solid, the musicianship to be proficient, and the sound quality to be satisfying. Ron Royce is a distinctive vocalist who gets the job done. Tommy T. Baron is an accomplished guitarist whose soloing is meticulous and fluid. In addition, Marquis Marky’s drumming is impeccable. Examples of compositions that I enjoy are “Intro,” “Reborn Through Hell,” “When Angels Die,” “Intro (Nosferatu),” “Nosferatu,” “R.I.P.,” “Fried Alive,” and “Totentanz.” “Intro” is an attractive instrumental with nice keyboard work. The invigorating “Reborn Through Hell” supplies indelible guitar riffs from Baron. The propelling “When Angels Die” provides background vocals that are engaging and memorable. The instrumental “Intro (Nosferatu)” contains pleasing guitar work from Baron. The nicely crafted instrumental “Nosferatu” is a worthy showcase for Baron’s guitar playing prowess. The lively “R.I.P.” sports a remarkable-sounding bass guitar line from Royce. “Fried Alive” features a gratifying main guitar riff from Baron, and “Totentanz” exhibits another nice guitar riff from him. As for the CD insert, the song lyrics are not contained, but there is an individual black-and-white photo of each member of the group and a black-and-white drawing included. A color illustration is displayed on the back of the CD jewel case. The disc is 45 minutes. This is a recommendable album.

    Posted on February 11, 2010