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Rage Against the Machine

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  • Wow. I bought this album having only heard the song ‘Wake Up’ from the Matrix soundtrack. However, I have read fantastic reviews about it and I liked some of Rage’s recent work so i decided to give this one a try. As soon as the main guitar solo started on “bombtrack” I knew this was one of the best albums ever. The distinguishing feature of this band is there fiercely political diatribes that they direct toward basically every governmental establishment and/or descision. Admittantly, they often get carried away and Zack de la Rocha’s anger and poignant lyrics can shadow his message, but rage has created an excellent way in delivering a political message to the uncorrupted, innocent mind of teenagers. Zack de la Rocha’s lyrics are sometimes exaggerated, his ideas can often be ridiculous, but his lyrics are far, far more provocative than any other band out there. Enough about the lyrics, the musical quality of rage against the machine is far superior to any other band ever. Rage has a loud, slow style that envelops the listener, and even the most conservative right-winger can still find themselves bobbing their heads to rage’s amazing instrumentals. Even if you hate Rage against the machine, there is absolutely no discrepency that rage’s guitarist, Tom Morello (a harvard graduate) is the most innovative, creative, and original guitarist ever. As a child, instead of being inspired by hendrix or van halen, he used such influences as fax machines and electronic devices to create the widest array of guitar sounds imagineable. Here is a description of each track:Track 1 Bombtrack, Rating: 10/10What an excellent way to start this album. This is also the shortest song on the cd at 4:01. The intro guitar is awesome and the chorus of “Burn, burn yes your gonna burn!” is stellar as well. This song checks in as the third best song on the album.Track 2 Killing in the Name, Rating: 10/10Even better than track 1, Killing… starts out kinda slow but gets good real fast once it hits the main theme. It remains a good song until the last minute or so when it blasts through the roof with rage’s most rousing chorus to date “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” This is the second best track on the album.Track 3 Take the Power Back, Rating: 8/10Starts out pretty good and stays good throughout the first few minutes. This track earns a 8 because of de la rocha’s message about education towards the end. Also, a good guitar solo and the final chant of “No more lies!” turn this from a good song to a great song.Track 4 Settle for Nothing, Rating: 5/10This song is very heavy, emotionally sappy, and hard to listen to throughout its entirety. However, this song has two bright spots. An excellent guitar solo and a great crescendo with the title chorus.Track 5 Bullet in the Head, Rating: 9/10Fast-paced, action filled song with by far the most catchy first verse you’ll ever here. This song is basically a thrill ride from start to finish. It gradually gets faster and faster until the very final chord.Track 6 Know Your Enemy, Rating: 7/10A great intro but a sub-par chorus fits the description of track 6. By far the most interesting part is when rage has a guest singer sing a verse towards the middle of the piece. A great fininsh with the whispering chant of “All of which are american dreams.”Track 7 Wake Up, Rating: 10/10The intro part of this piece (sounding like led zepplin’s kashmir) far exceeds phenomenal. And even after that it never stops impressing to easily become the best track on the album. This is the second best rage song ever(although it is nowhere nere as good as bulls on parade). You can hear this song on the matrix soundtrack.Track 8 Fistfull of Steel, Rating: 9/10A great chorus is the high point of track 8. The verses are great too. Theres really no bad aspect of this song.Track 9 Township Rebellion, Rating: 8/10Track 9 actually has bad verses. However, the chorus of “Why stand on a silent platform, fight the war, fuck the norm” easily gives song the extra 3 or 4 points it needs to earn an 8 on my rating scale.Track 10 Freedom, Rating 9/10Outstanding intro, okay verses, okay chorus, and outstanding finsih. The real high point in this song is in the last two minutes where track 10 assumes an eerie-sounding chorus of “freedom, yeah right”. For the last word, Zack de la Rocha holds ‘right’ forever while the ending chord is repeated over and over again dramatically until the song spins off into a final sound that sounds as if a phone had been broken.Average rating: 8.5/10This is easily 5 stars even tho its the equivalent of 4.25 out of 5. Hey, not every song is gonna be perfect.Rage against the machine is not a band that you will hear at high-school dances. It is very commanding, heavy, and sharp. It does not make good background music considering its pointed music and lyrics. Rage should be listened to, thought about, and respected for the outstanding music they produce.

    Posted on December 3, 2009