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Rage for Order

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  • uh, well it looks to be something of the sort judging by those hilarious bandmembers pictures. Ok, Geoff Tate looks pretty cool.

    Queensryche’s epic, theatrical metal takes a turn into cyberpunk territory with _Rage for Order_, their second full-length disc. This album picks up where _The Warning_ left off (crunchy guitars, epic melodies and soaring vocals), adding lots of keyboards and a more sombre tenor all in all. Consistent throughout the album, and cohering well with the aural approach of this record, is the dystopian view of technology and the future, with revolutionary speed-metal anthems (“Chemical Youth”), the alienating acoustic ballad on the panopticon society (“I Will Remember”), or echoes of tragedy (“London”).

    I picked up this remastered version because I was desperately hoping for a dramatic increase in sound quality over the butchery that was the first. The engineer for _Rage for Order_ should have been taken out and forcefully punted down the street. this remastered edition sounds only a little better, but it is an improvement in any case. Best of all, this edition has one particular feature which makes it indispensable (!) for fans of the ‘ryche. The acoustic mix of “I Dream in Infrared” is masterful, giving the song much needed breathing room and silent menace. Killer! the other bonus tracks are pretty good.

    a classic album made better, if only slightly — but that “slightly” is pretty snazzy.

    Posted on November 14, 2009