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Rammstein - Lichtspielhaus

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  • First it was October. Then December. Now it’s finally January and I actually have Lichtspielhaus in my hands. Oh sweet lord. Any Rammstein fan needs this. And even if you don’t like Rammstein, buy it anyway. I’ve been a fan for years now and I cannot see any true fan without this DVD.The DVD itself is packed full of eye candy to keep you entertained. The entire interface is 3D, which gives it a very high-quality that is hard to come by when you get a DVD based on a band. Overall, the DVD is 3 1/2 hours long. Amazing. There’s the videos (which are works of art), live videos, making of the videos, and a few other things stuffed in. Thus begins my review:THE VIDEOS:If this DVD has only the music videos and nothing else, it’d still be worth every penny. This isn’t some “lets sing along” style video, its a performance. A 5 minute movie if you will. No other band has been able to incorporate their music into their videos with such passion. Whether it’s Ich Will or Du Riechst so Gut, you’ll be amazing the whole way through.LIVE FOOTAGE:Without seeing Rammstein live, you’re missing half of the Rammstein experience. Their show is like no other, with enough fire and pyrotechnics to set a large city ablaze. Lichtspielhaus has videos from 1996 to 2001 as well as MTV Performances. The earlier shows are interesting because it shows how they really started and what their earlier visuals were. In my own opinion, the Mutter tour was better. The songs had more feeling, the crowd more into it, and the whole “technological” feeling to it was amazing. For people like me, they have “Links 2-3-4″ and “Ich Will” live from the Velredome. Amazing.MAKING OF:When you think of Rammstein, you may think they’re angry all the time (maybe like Till). It’s these making of videos that show who Rammstein really is and how they act outside of the tours and music. The “Making of Ich Will” was easily the best video there is because it tackles many of the problems the public has given them. There’s also “Sonne” and “Links 2-3-4″ as well as other ones like “Du Hast”. Very nice.MISCELLANEOUS:There are also a few commercials put into the mix. The best is, of course, “Achtung! Wir Kommen”. In this video, it shows how Rammstein has spread all over Europe. The other videos are very short and are just short clips promoting their albums.Overall, the best DVD I own. If you like Rammstein, you need this.

    Posted on November 25, 2009