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Rammstein - Lichtspielhaus

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  • oh boy where to start? this dvd is simply amazing. it’s how you should do a dvd except for the menu but it’s only a minor iritation and does not detract from the goods whatsoever. so what are the goods? 3 and a half hours of 100% pure rammsteiny deutsch goodness. you get all of their videos except for “das modell” which they absolutely hated. now the majority of these videos haven’t been seen in the u.s. on tv before and it’s pretty much something you’d want to buy just to see. the audio and video are fantastic, especially for those who use a ps2, if you always use the +2 volume for dvds, you’ll have to turn it down to the standard as the volume is that good…i mean just watching to the “rammstein” damn near blew out my speakers. for the videos…you get these:”du reischt so gut”-the original version that is pretty much a live version of the ‘herzeleid’ album cover. “seemann”-a great video that somewhat plays with the lyrics correctly. the video is beautiful and it never gets old. it shows the till on a boat with the band dragging it through sand with shots of a woman walking alone.”rammstein”-this is not the ‘lost highway’ edit of the song, but the full version from ‘herzeleid’. its footage of them playing live from the ‘100 jahre rammstein’ performance with clips of ‘lost highway’ throughout.”engel”-the first venture into the tarentino inspired video realm. its their version of ‘from dusk till dawn’. “du hast”-the song that got them noticed in the states. this version has some new stuff that wasn’t shown on mtv. still classic.”du reischst so gut ‘98″-a new revamped version that involved werewolves and richard wearing a dress. something worth seeing.”stripped”-previously only visable on the “live aus berlin” dvd. it’s footage of past olympics and stuff. it contains some of the most beautiful shots i’ve ever seen (the massive amount of women doing that arm fanning thing…wow).”sonne”-their rendition of snow white rammstein style.”links 2-3-4″- the video about ants hehe. “ich will”-a sequel of sorts to ‘du hast’. it’s them robbing a bank for the fame.”mutter”-now this one is hard to explain…all i can is…there are 2 till’s. “freur frei!”-them playing live with clips from ‘XXX’ in the making of the videos give great insight into what rammstein is and how some of the videos were made. its nice to see them in pure deutsch and not overdubbed in english. for me, the german language is beautiful and cool sounding and thats what gives rammstein such a unique edge. the live footage is also amazing and you get the following:100 jahre rammstein: ‘herzeleid’ and ’seemann’ live. ’seemann’ is great here in this performance.philipshalle: ’spiel mit mir’rock am ring: ‘heirate mich’ and ‘du hast’. this pretty much stripped down rammstein minus the telephone and pyro for ‘du hast’. they can still put on a great show minus it. live aus berlin: ’sehnsucht’…now this is not the live version from ‘live aus’. its more the album version with the crowd screaming along and you can sorta hear the pyro going off during it. its a bit odd cuz i miss the crow singing along.big day out: ‘weisses fleisch’ and ‘asche’. man, this one is great. its one of my favorites.velodrom: ‘ich will’ and ‘links’. this is also another favorite. ‘links’ is amazing here. also, i think this version of ‘ich will’ is perhaps the same live version on the ‘ich will’ single.there are even trailers for ‘du hast’, ‘mutter (the album)’ and ‘links 234′ along with the 6minute “achtung blitzkrieg!” now what the hell thats a trailer for i don’t know. but it’s a quick retrospective on the history of rammstein. if someone knows whats the deal with this…please tell me hehe. but with all this amazing good stuff…theres one down side. the menus. visually, it is amazing. as for how to use them, kinda slow. on some dvd players, it won’t go anywhere. but it’s nice to know that they included a warning about this in the booklet in the case. all in all this is a fantastic dvd and more bands should do more dvd’s just like this because it’s something thats amazing and the replay value is virtually endless (i’ve seen it god knows how many times and i’m not sick of it yet).

    Posted on November 26, 2009