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Ratt & Roll 8191

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  • There were very few, if any, hard rock bands of the ’80s that could rock like Ratt could. I enjoy their style of hard rock moreso than that of any other band. It’s simple, but very hard and fast -somewhat similar to music produced by “The Scorpions” and “Motley Crue” though I like only a few songs of the latter. The only way to describe Ratt is that “they abso-fraggin’-lutely rock.”"Ratt & Roll 81-91,” as the title implies, is a compilation of Ratt’s best from ‘81-’91. The CD is a great value as it includes 19 tracks. Included is their most noteworthy song ever (and my favorite) “Round And Round” which was a huge radio hit for several years in the early ’80s. Less popular, but just as good songs as Round And Round are: “Lay It Down,” “Lack Of Communication,” “You’re In Love,” and “One Step Away.”There are several songs which aren’t very good or memorable but as far as hard rock goes one would be hard-pressed to find badder, faster, and harder music than Ratt’s best.

    Posted on November 23, 2009