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Ratt & Roll 8191

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    Ratt, often said to be a typical 80’s hairband, was really more than just that. The combined elements of lead vocalist Stephen Pearcy’s unique rugged voice, Warren Demartini’s crazy guitar riffs, and lots of greasy hair, gave Ratt the edge they needed to become a legendary band of metalists. This disc compiles ten years Ratt’s finest tunes, although not ALL of them.

    1. Tell the World- A very basic early metal song from the 1982(?) Atlantic Release. If you listen to this song a few times, you’ll appreciate the catchy awesomeness.

    2. You think you’re Tough- Another track from the Atlantic Release. This is also a song that you may need to listen to several times to really enjoy it. NOTE: Pearcy still cranks this one out on his current solo tours.

    3. Round and Round-Ratt’s most famous song, from the album Out of the Cellar. A pretty original one, that any hair metal fan can sing along to. This was THE track launched Ratt into fame.

    4. Wanted Man-A pretty good song from Out of the Cellar. Bon Jovi is credited for starting the whole western theme, but This song came out in ‘84, 2 years prior to Slippery When Wet.

    5. Back for More-The third track off Out of the Cellar, the intro is packed full of power that pounds you, man.

    6. Lack of Communication- Great anger-driven song. “Lack of communication, BACK OFF” The guitar sounds like something from Invasion of Your Privacy.

    7.Lay it Down- Ratt’s other only other chart-topping song. Sounds like classic Ratt.

    8.You’re in love-One of my favorites off of invasion of your privacy. Packed full of punch, and a nice chorous.

    9.Slip of the Lip-A traditional song (off DACNING UNDERCOVER)with a 30 year old man singin about a 16 year old girl. Remember KISS also had a 16-year old song, Winger had 17, and the record-holder Motley Crue featured a 15-year old girl. Kinda gross, but its all in good spirits.

    10. Dance- Track off DANCING UNDERCOVER. Makes sense with the name and all. Its a good kind of pop-ish, but still nice and heavy, like of Dancing Undercover. Oh, and its about Dancing.

    11. Body Talk-A very outstanding song, featured in the Eddie Murpghy flick THE GOLDEN CHILD. “You make my body talk, when you’re next to me.”

    12. Way Cool Junior- Excellent, fun jazzy song from Reach for the Sky in ‘87, complete with tap dancers and saxaphones. The main character, Way Cool Jr. is the new kid in town that scores with all the chicks.

    13. I want a Woman- Self explanatory theme. The 2nd out of 2 songs on here from Reach for the Sky. Its a typical pop-metal 80’s song, but all the better to listen to.

    14. Lovin You’s a Dirty Job- A pretty good song from the 1990 release DETONATOR. This song is fun, but has really weak lyrics. Excerpt: “You break my heart in pieces but I’ve got the glue to glue it…you put me through the ringer and hung me out to dry, you licked me off your fingers just like a piece of pie…”

    15. Shame, Shame, Shame- Angry song. A really good song from Detonator about some lady that cheated on a dude.

    16. Givin’ Yourself Away- Powerful ballad song, sounds kinda like Jon Bon Jovi. Kinda funny since, Desmond Child produced this and also produced Bon Jovi.

    17. One Step Away- In my opinion the best song off Detonator. A superb ballad that I listened to for probably 2 months strait.

    18. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose- Another Ratt song, driven by old phrases. Jon Bon Jovi actually DOES the background vocals on here.

    19. Nobody Rides for Free- The last song recorded before the band completely disbanded. Its an okay track that was on the Keanu Reeves movie POINT BREAK.

    If you took enough time to read my review, you’d be a total idiot not to buy this CD. Just give it a fair listen and you’ll love it.

    Posted on November 23, 2009