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Ratt & Roll 8191

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  • No doubt about it,Ratt was one of the best ’80’s metal bands.I recall several fans always comparing them to the likes of Aerosmith.Thought it was great that for a half-a-dozen or so years,you could go see like maybe both those acts on tour within the same six months time-frame.No more,though.I saw Ratt play a club without guitarist Robin Crosby(R.I.P.)before he had passed on and they were disappointing,to say the least.Their gig did however improve by it’s second half.Ratt was a great band to see in their heyday.Nineteen songs total,many of their prime material to be found here,like “Tell The World”,”Round And Round”,”Wanted Man”,”Lack Of Communication”,”You’re In Love”,”Slip Of The Lip”,”Dance”,”Body Talk”,”Way Cool Jr.”,you know,I’ve really lost count of all their killer videos that MTV and other music channels used to play.Highly recommended.

    Posted on November 23, 2009