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  • I sing the praises of this underrated EP all the time. Ratt’s first record is a clumsy masterpiece of treble squall. The rare 1982 Time Coast, NOT the Atlantic remastered sanitized version, is the one truly acceptable version. It is the sound that mapped the Sunset Strip epicenter before it exploded into a moneymaking machine. “Sweet Cheater”, the opening track, is a starved, hectic dirge, barely three minutes long. One of the classic side one, track ones de metal.
    Muddy production never sounded so good, and Stephen Pearcy–who is no one’s favorite frontman–for the first and last time in his life, sounds awesome. Dig the neighing guitar duel that closes “U Got It”, and the original version of “Back For More”, with Warren’s 12-string break. Can you even get this record on CD? I have the vinyl (enshrined) and the lamer Atlantic version cassette (half melted and sandy), but I fantasize that some hair head will re-release the Time Coast label version on CD, complete with the original super sexy black and white photo of the young men of Ratt on the back cover.

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  • By the time Ratt released this self titled cd in 1999, the original lineup of Pearcy, Crosby, DeMartini, Crocuier and Blotzer were no more. In fact, they had not been “anything” throughout the 90’s…period. Ratt disbanded in the early 90’s, as they, like many of their collegues, fell victim to Grunge and it’s wrinkled-flanel wearing fans. After Cobain and his band, Nirvana broke through, the anthem-driven “Hair Rock” of that generation,as well as Ratt, quietly packed their Jackson and Charvel guitars neatly away in their designated cases and left town on nothing more than a whisper….that was it…done…or so we thought.

    Fast-foward to 1999. After an attempt at a “comeback” CD, that did absolutely nothing, the self titled Ratt, received almost no-promotion and/or airplay. Over the Edge was played on our rock station for about the first 2 months, then….that was it. But, it really wasen’t a “comeback” at all. The only ones left in the band were DeMartini, Pearcy and Blotzer. Crocuier and Crosby were left out of the loop…AND IT SHOWS! Bigtime! After all, if one listens to the first two albums, you can tell where the strength in songwriting came from…here’s a hint, it didn’t come from the remaining members. Crocuier left due to frustration with the Ratt pack and Crosby, by this time was ill from HIV (he fell victim to Heroin addiction and a bad needle). Although, Crosby was initially included in the plans for a reunion, it was decided by “the powers that be” that his talents were not neccesary. AND IT SHOWS!

    Now, before all the DeMartini fanatics start plotting my death, let me explain. I am not bashing Warren at all. I think he is a great guitarists, for that genre. And I am not talking about who is better than whom. We all know that Warren’s “solos” fit that style better than Crosby’s (although the “King” had some great solos of his own), what I am talking about is the Songs. Most songs that co-written or written by Crosby and/or Crocuier were strong, punchy, and very well structured..with all due respect to the others in the band. But perhaps, the most noticable fault with this release is the absence of another guitarist, be it Robbin or anyome else….AND IT SHOWS! Sorry….no matter how good Warren is, he cannot pull the entire guitar load by himself…it just doesn’t work (which is why he asked John Corabi to join as the second guitarists, i’m sure…). Yes, there is such a thing as overdubs to make it sound like two rhythms, but if the same guitarist is playing both parts, it still sounds like one guitarist. I saw Ratt for the previous cd/tour…and they were TERRIBLE with a capitol T! Horrible! Pearcy was literally HANGING from the microphone and leaning on the mic stand cause he was very drunk, and Warren was trying very hard to be two guitarists, and wasen’t cuttin’ it. You could see he was fumbling with the parts that he once shared with Crosby. So, my theory comes from first hand, they need two guitarists.

    As for the album, it was written with the same feel as the others, while trying to capture the newer alternative sound. Some songs work, some don’t. About the first 6 are decent, after that it’s a mudslide all the way to the bottom. Songs like Live for today, Over the Edge, Gave Up Givin’ Up are typical Ratt, Catchy-pop oriented Riffs with that sunny California feel, and they are good tunes, but there is something missing…and I think I already covered that matter in great detail…

    Posted on February 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m a guy who grew up in the 80’s,and bands like Motley Crue,Ratt,Poison,etc.I must say that this new Ratt cd is the best hard rock album in years,and the best Ratt cd since “Dancing Undercover”.The lyrics are decent,and Stephen Pearcy sounds to be in peak voice.Warren is a little more reserved than in the past.I guess he’s already proven how fast he is,now he seems to have found a cool tone and a more relaxed style.Bobby Blotzer is great as usual on drums.These guys are one of the most underrated bands ever.It’s too bad Pearcy had to leave the band again.Ratt(portrait)is the best album I have heard in ages.Check out Over The Edge,Gave Up Givin’Up,Luv Sick and So good,So Fine.The whole disc is solid,but those are my faves.Ratt has managed to stick to what they do best,while coming up with a more modern sound.If you like great,stylish hard rock,then pick this one up.It’s definetly worth the money.

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  • This is a great album all around, and a must have if you’re an old time Ratt fan because it’s probably one of their best together. It most definetly brings back the Ratt sound. Warren DeMartini is soulful as ever, his playing is infectious and he proves again and again what a great guitar player he is. Listen to “Tug of War” and you’ll know.
    It takes a little to get used to this album though, it’s not the raw, raunchy old times Ratt people are used to. This is toned down, it’s layed back and it doesn’t try to impress, it just delivers. The lyrics are inspiring, they are mature, and they reflect the maturity of the band as well. They make you think like in “Live for Today”, make you contemplate like in “We Don’t Belong”, and give you a jolt of adreanaline from falling in love like in “Luv Sick”.
    Stephen’s Arcade albums were good but this is much better. After listening to this album over and over again, I realized what a unique sound this band has, between Stephen’s voice, Warren’s unique style of guitar playing and Bobby’s drums, that chemistry combined together reminds us what made them successful for so many years.

    Posted on February 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Thank God! Finally a band from the 80’s comes back not trying to sound like alt-rock or hiphop. This lp rocks, I can’t wait to see them in concert.Bobby proves he’s a helluva drummer check him out on ‘Breakout’. Pearcy voice gets better with each new release from Ratt. DeMartini, should be given an award, the most underrated guitarist comes through again. And newcomer Robbie Crane shows he belongs in Ratt. The thing I’ve loved most about Ratt over the years is that aura of confidence. You know when you grab a Ratt album, your gonna get rock. Ratt never sold-out to “half of the album is rock ballads” but they always provided fans with that classic one ballad per album like ‘I Want To Love You Tonight’, ‘Given Yourself Away’ and now ‘We Don’t Belong’. THE BAD BOYS FROM L.A. IS BACK!

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