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  • This is a great album all around, and a must have if you’re an old time Ratt fan because it’s probably one of their best together. It most definetly brings back the Ratt sound. Warren DeMartini is soulful as ever, his playing is infectious and he proves again and again what a great guitar player he is. Listen to “Tug of War” and you’ll know.
    It takes a little to get used to this album though, it’s not the raw, raunchy old times Ratt people are used to. This is toned down, it’s layed back and it doesn’t try to impress, it just delivers. The lyrics are inspiring, they are mature, and they reflect the maturity of the band as well. They make you think like in “Live for Today”, make you contemplate like in “We Don’t Belong”, and give you a jolt of adreanaline from falling in love like in “Luv Sick”.
    Stephen’s Arcade albums were good but this is much better. After listening to this album over and over again, I realized what a unique sound this band has, between Stephen’s voice, Warren’s unique style of guitar playing and Bobby’s drums, that chemistry combined together reminds us what made them successful for so many years.

    Posted on February 4, 2010