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  • I sing the praises of this underrated EP all the time. Ratt’s first record is a clumsy masterpiece of treble squall. The rare 1982 Time Coast, NOT the Atlantic remastered sanitized version, is the one truly acceptable version. It is the sound that mapped the Sunset Strip epicenter before it exploded into a moneymaking machine. “Sweet Cheater”, the opening track, is a starved, hectic dirge, barely three minutes long. One of the classic side one, track ones de metal.
    Muddy production never sounded so good, and Stephen Pearcy–who is no one’s favorite frontman–for the first and last time in his life, sounds awesome. Dig the neighing guitar duel that closes “U Got It”, and the original version of “Back For More”, with Warren’s 12-string break. Can you even get this record on CD? I have the vinyl (enshrined) and the lamer Atlantic version cassette (half melted and sandy), but I fantasize that some hair head will re-release the Time Coast label version on CD, complete with the original super sexy black and white photo of the young men of Ratt on the back cover.

    Posted on February 4, 2010