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Razorblade Suitcase

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  • Ok. I’ve looked @ the other reviews (ah-umm, the bad ones) and I can see how a person might not like this CD. I almost returned it b/c, like one other reviewer said,the music kinda sounds the same (and I was let down by “mouth” @ first). But after listening to each one, I discovered that they’re all different in their own ways. “Swallowed” “Greedy Fly” and “Mouth” are probably the most recognizable tracks on here. (Note:The version of “mouth” on this album ISN’T the one you hear on the radio & is on the American Werewolf In Paris SndTrk) “Synapse” “Bonedriven” “Straight No Chaser” are the 3 that are really good, even though they’re not well-known.Try it; I wasn’t really a hard-core Bush fan before. :)

    Posted on January 8, 2010