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Razorblade Suitcase

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  • I’ve been reading the reviews for this album, and alot of them disgust me. I have a feeling that alot of these people who rate bush’s album with one star go home and listen to Smashmouth or Kid Rock, two of the biggest flunky’s I can think of in today’s popular music scene. Razorblade Suitcase is by far the best Bush cd. Sixteen Stone was also an awesome cd , but it lacked the rawness that the band displayed on their second album. Their music, especially on tracks such as Bonedriven and Straight No Chaser, has the amazing ability to convey the emotions that Gavin’s feeling. I can understand why some people just don’t get the music. It’s because their shallow and simple minded, who would rather listen to a little ditty that everyones listening to then a song that was practically torn from the heart.

    Posted on January 8, 2010