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Reach for the Sky

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  • This is Ratt’s fifth album. This isn’t like the straight forward raw heavy metal of there Out Of The Cellar days but still a good pop metal album. Overall the album isn’t very consistent with some great songs, some solid songs and some filler songs.

    1.City to City- 10/10 A great opener. The riff is great and the lyrics are cool. Pearcy’s vocals are enjoyable and the guitar solo is excellent. The chorus is very catchy too. This should have been a big hit. An underrated classic.

    2.I Want a Woman- 10/10 Another great catchy song. This was a minor hit on MTV. The riff is catchy and the chorus is good too. Warren DeMartini’s solo is great and the harmony line is excellent too.

    3.Way Cool Jr.- 8/10 The albums only real hit song. Not one of the better songs but still a good song. This song is slow and bluesy. This actually reminds me a bit of classic Def Leppard. The guitar solo is excellent too.

    4.Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds- 10/10 A great song with a good heavy riff. The chorus and vocals are good too. Another great guitar solo too.

    5.I Want to Love You Tonight- 10/10 An excellent power ballad. This should have been a hit. Stephen Pearcy’s vocals sound very good. The soft part is excellent and the chorus is awesome. The guitar solo is excellent and has a ton of emotion and a great harmony line.

    6.Chain Reaction- 9/10 A great fast song that reminds me of Van Halen. The riff is excellent and the chorus is catchy too. The solo is one of the best on the album too.

    7.No Surprise- 7/10 A pretty good song. I don’t really like the chorus but it’s not a bad song. More great lead guitar though.

    8.Bottom Line- 8/10 A good catchy song. the riff is good and the chorus is catchy as hell. The solos are excellent too. A good song but not a classic.

    9.What’s It Gonna Be- 10/10 A good catchy pop metal song. I like the riff and chorus a lot on this song. Another excellent solo too

    10.What I’m After- 7/10 This is a pretty good song although it is really poppy. More great lead guitar too.

    Overall the album isn’t very consistent with some great songs, some solid songs and some filler songs. Maybe the bands most commercial album. This was not there most succesful album but it did have some good anthems and a suprisingly good power ballad. Warren DeMartini solo’s are great as always and this is a solid hair metal album although it is probably the bands worst album with the classic line up. I think if they had spent maybe another few months on this album it would have been a classic because there is plenty of great songs on this album

    Stephen Pearcy- Vocals
    Warren DeMartini- Lead Guitar, Backround Vocals
    Robbin Crosby- Guitar, Backround Vocals
    Juan Croucier- Bass, Backround Vocals
    Bobby Blotzer, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica, Washboard

    Posted on January 24, 2010