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Real Illusions: Reflections

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  • Every release from Steve is a wide sampling of moods and technique. If you’ve enjoyed his previous work, then you can’t miss here either. It’s stunning in the way that Steve Vai is ALWAYS stunning. He doesn’t just hit a note, he brings that note out of his instrument in exactly the manner he chooses. I don’t think that any other guitar player I’ve ever heard has that command over their instrument.

    It’s true, he’s still singing here and there, but not that much. I’ve gotta say, if he wants to sing occassionaly, fine… as long as he keeps playing in such an inspiring manner.

    I read a few reviews that critiqued the sound quality. I found it to be warm enough. For (mostly) instrumental guitar music you could do alot worse in the sound quality area.

    There are a few tracks that don’t grab me much. I’m not too interested in the big rock n roll sounding songs. My favorite works are the songs where you hear the lead on one track, where there’s a feeling of intimacy and you can hear his fingers on the strings. You can sit back and think “my god, he’s really playing that!” Those songs are here too.

    If it’s too “weird” for you, well… Most folks who love this music play an instrument and the weird becomes interesting when you look deeper. There’s plenty of mindless fluffy pop in the world, thank god there’s a little weird stuff too!

    Posted on December 2, 2009