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Realm of Chaos

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  • This album whips major Donkey @$$!!!! it would be more awesome if they used the original cover! that cover is awesome! true classic Warhammer 40K Games Workshop art! As it has been said before, this is one of the heaviest albums of all time, yet it isnt over flowing with annoying distortion, so you can actually hear that these guys can play the strings off any guitar, or beat the living ba-jesus out of a set of drums! I like War Master, and IVth Crusade more, but this album is still one of my most favorite cds that i own, and i have around 320 cds!

    Plus how many awesome death metal bands come out of England! not many! there may be a lot of them in England, but very few actually make it world wide!

    These guys can freaking shred, while crushing you skull at the same time!!! not for the weak stomachs, or faint of heart!! Bolt Thrower will Slay you and display your desicrated corpse on their tank!

    Posted on March 5, 2010