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  • If you like Linkin Park’s original CD, “Hybrid Theory”, you’ll probably like their remix CD, “Reanimation”. Linkin Park brought in a slew of DJs and rappers to help them bring out a CD that would hold fans over until their second “true” CD comes out in about six months. Some remixes turned out really great, standouts include “By Myself”, “Place For My Head”, “Pushing Me Away” and, of course, their single, “Points Of Authority”, which came out with some harsh beats and more speed to them. However, the great dissappointments of the CD were their original singles. The remix of “In The End” sounds faster at best, nothing much has changed. Although they did change many of the lyrics of the song, the song sounds too similar to the original, with only real noticeable difference to the song being in the chorus, where the tune becomes more muddled and crowded. “Crawling” sounds similar as well, the beat is changed very little, sounding more like a rehash than a remix. A new, rapid fire verse is added, which is a nice addition, but not enough to make me like it as much as the original. “Papercut” was my biggest disappointment. Being my favorite song on the “Hybrid Theory” CD, I was excepted a great remix, if nothing else at least a good one. However, I was disappointed, as they just put out the exact same song, with the tiny change of making the song sound a little more electronic, not remixed at all. I could do the exact same thing with the original version of “Papercut”, all I’d have to do it put it on really poor speakers and turn up the static. “One Step Closer” is the only decent remix of their singles, which is a true remix, but instead of speeding it up, they slowed it down and put a lot more emphasis on the beat, so the vocalists are overshadowed by the beat. I find this to be one of the average remixes on the CD. With the “Cure For The Itch” remix, you’ll find more of the same, great DJing, but a variety of new samples have been added to his old ones. “With You” is also slowed down and lengthed, I would say the same thing about this one as the “One Step Closer” remix. Along with the “Hybrid Theory” remixes, you get remixes of a variety of remixes of songs from their first EP. “High Voltage” was a good song originally, but the has a much stronger beat as well as a featured rapper added to it. I have not listened to the songs of “My December” or “X-ecutioner’s Style” enough to get a good grasp of what I think of them, but what I’ve heard of them, they aren’t really stand-outs of the album, but aren’t disappointing either, don’t buy the album to hear these song though. Really, it’s a really good album, but don’t think of it as a follow-up to “Hybrid Theory”, it’s not that. What it is, though, is a little treat for those of us who like remixes and something to hold all of Linkin Park’s fans until they release their next CD.

    Posted on January 19, 2010