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  • Hybrid Theory was, in the opinion of most, an excellent album, and was certainly a financially successful one, especially considering it was the first serious recording venture made by the California band. The songs were usually bitter, often sorrowful, but seldom really angry in the dark, Nine Inch Nails sense of the word. NIN and bands like it have demonstrated that you don’t have to be loud to be bitter and brooding, and Linkin Park has embraced this theory in Reanimation. By and large, the tracks on Reanimation are much quieter than their Hybrid Theory counterparts, but they are much darker. The effect complements the original album very well. The remixes themselves are very masterfully done, most notably ‘Enth E End’ (the almost jazzy new piano sample will catch your attention right away) and ‘Krwlng’ (Staind’s Aaron Lewis lends himself very well to the song). The remixes of ‘Place For My Head’ and ‘Pushing Me Away’–to which Korn’s Jon Davis lends his considerable talents–and the previously unreleased track ‘My December’ are also well done. However, if you didn’t care for Hybrid Theory, don’t expect to enjoy Reanimation. Listening to the CD, I found myself preferring and disliking the same songs that I had when I got Hybrid Theory. Overall, though, it’s certainly worth your money and an excellent CD to have, especially if it’s to complement Hybrid Theory. Just as a brief aside, if nothing else go to a store and look at the back of the CD. You can have a little fun trying to decipher the twisted takes on the names of the original songs. ‘Frg/10′ gave me fits until I figured it out.

    Posted on January 19, 2010