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  • Like most people, hearing that Linkin Park were releasing a remix version of the their debut album “Hybrid Theory” ,I didn’t expect it to be much different except for a few differnt beats thrown in here and there. I didn’t believe it could be possible for them to turn the greatest album ever, “Hybrid Theory”, into an even bigger success…..But they have. From the moment these 20 powerful masterpieces poured through my headphones it brought me to a world of Musical Excellence. Linkin Park have built this world with their creative intelligence, masterful lyrics, and controlling beats that grip you from the moment they sound. It’s the most amazing compliation I have ever heard. They are true Masters. The album opens with the powerful remix of ‘PTS.OF.ATHRTY’ which takes you deeper into the whole atmosphere of the song. ‘ENTH E ND’ is stripped of its hard metal sound but its the beat and the updated wording of the song that grips you.’FRGT/10′ is transfromed into a much deeper statement and is more dramatic. ‘P5HNG ME A*WY’ is a remix of the beats and vocals and is more enjoyable to listen to. ‘PLC.4 MIE HED’ is also just a updated version of the original but very entertaining. ‘X-ECUTIONER STYLE’ is a compliation of different beats remixed with Black Thought providing the vocals. ‘H!VLTG3′ has a jazzy type feel to it and although I prefer the original mix its still an interesting listen. ‘WTH>YOU’ is brillant, with a strong rock feel to it, its very powerful to listen to. ‘PPR:KUT’ updated with cool voals, beats and guitars, its excellent. ‘RNW@Y’ is stronger than the original and more meaningful. ‘MY<DSMBR' I also prefer the original version of this song but this remix of it isn't to be disgarded. ‘BY_MYSLF’ is gripping with its harsh guitar sound and the vocals are updated for the chorus. ‘KYUR4 TH ICH’ is just remixed with additional beats and sounds for effect. ‘1STP KLOSR’ is one of my favourites with Jonathan Davis contributing his own unique sound to this unique track. There is almost a two minute build up to the explosive main tune and is much stronger and deeper than the original. Brilliant. ‘KRWLNG’ this is another of my favourites and is also the finale to an awesome collection of tracks. Aaron Lewis provides vocals alongside Chester Bennington and the pair come together on a level of musical brillance in this masterpiece.Overall you can’t put down anything that Linkin Park put their intelligence to. They are the true Musical Masters and this album is a definite recommended buy.

    Posted on January 19, 2010