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  • i rarely review albums unless i read something so stupid it bears responding to. this MPD 360 cat or whatever the hell his/her/its name is is a flaming retard. why? let me break it down really quick:

    a.) he cites Linkin Parks’ monotony…and then suggests Underoath as an alternative…Underoath is one of the most monotonous emo-rock bands ever…and every single member of the band looks like a clone of one guy who cuts himself, wears sweaters and doesn’t like to be able to see through his dirty blonde hair.

    b.) he complains that the songs don’t sound like the originals…what retard buys a remix album to hear the original versions?

    c.) he somehow manages to miss the fact that Linkin Park is heavily influenced by hip hop…and complains about there being MCs on this project…maybe he never heard the rapping on the original version, noticed the band has a DJ, or heard of them doing collaborations with Jay-Z on the Collision Course EP, and Dan The Automator on the Handsome Boy Modeling School albums…maybe he just doesn’t know. SOMEBODY ought to tell him, then.

    d.)he says Linkin Park uses simplistic chord structures and melodies and layers…whether they’re top 40 or not, Linkin Park has one of the most multilayered and densely mixed sounds I’ve ever heard in my life…and I get paid to review albums.

    The verdict? this guy is a retard.I think I’m a bit biased, I assumed as much as soon as I heard him pimping Underoath…how someone insults a band for lacking creativity then lists Underoath as a favorite, I have no idea. But that’s beside the point. Screw this kid, he has no idea what he’s talking about…probably because his sweater is too tight and the blood loss from the last time he cut himself is starting to make him dizzy. As for the record itself, it’s very well done. I think the mixing done for Collision Course was a little bit better, but that was done by one or two people, this is an entire rogue’s gallery of hip hop quotables and well known alternative musicians and singers. Personally, I could have done without Jonathan Davis on one of my favorite Linkin Park songs, though. I will say that, while I love how far the remixes deviate from the originals, you lose a lot of the feeling put into the originals and the emotion gets muddled by the mixing and cutting and pasting…but it’s a good album as far as remixes go. If you like this…check out the Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course album, or the Handsome Boy Modeling School album “White People” there’s a song on there that features both Mike and Chester, as well as DJ Shadow and someone else, I forget who the other MC is at the moment. But check that out if you love good collaborations. And anyone else who has a thought process similar to this MPD 360 cat or whatever the eff his name is…some things are best left kept to yourself.

    Posted on January 19, 2010