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Reckoning Night

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Details TBA. Icarus. 2004.

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  • I purchased this album because my friend thought Sonata Arctica was the greatest band he’d ever heard. When I bought this album and I listened to it, it literally blew me away. Unlike the current wave of metal which consists of fast guitars and screaming lyrics, Sonata Arctica uses an actual singer and they can play music. This is one of the few albums is new metal where every track is really good. Don’t Say a Word was the song that really got me into them but when I heard Wildfire, I thought it was the best song on the album. My Selene and White Pearl, Black Oceans are my other two favorites but the other songs are great too.

    Track Listing

    1. Misplaced
    2. Blinded No More
    3. Ain’t Your Fairytale
    4. Reckoning Day Reckoning Night
    5. Don’t Say A Word
    6. Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet
    7. My Selene
    8. Wildfire
    9. White Pearl Black Oceans
    10. Shamandalie

    I’m not exactly sure why but my version of the album contains a bonus track called Wrecking the Sphere. If you enjoy this album Ecliptica is another great album by them. This is one album that you’ll wan to listen to again and again and I highly recommend it for any people who like progressive metal.

    Posted on February 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Sonata Arctica has been in heaven since “Ecliptica” (2000) They’ve been mastering their skills and their music since then, with Silence, their live album Songs in Silence: Live In Tokyo, and Winterheart’s Guild. Some felt disappointed by the “change in this album” But if you analize the album well you discover the change was for good, more musicianship and more feeling.

    1.Misplaced: I find this opening extreme, some powerful guitar riffs, very catchy lyrics (I’ve never had a chance, I can’t understand, I’m a misplaced man)

    2. Blinded No More: This song’s just magnificient. With a heavy beginning, transforming into a tranquil song with Tony Kakko’s voice at its max. Excellent

    3. Ain’t Your Fairytale: The Wolf Song! – The ones who seek justice, will pray for it all their lives –
    As always, Sonata excels in fast songs, this was not the exception, some great work in the keyboard solo and in the doble bombo drumming.

    4. Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night: The introduction to a much better Don’t Say a Word, this beautiful piano melody will take you to a Dreamland, Close your eyes and enjoy the trip,p until you open them to an astonishing “Don’t Say a Word”

    5. Don’t Say A Word: Well my friends, this is it, one of the best songs in the album, very powerful guitars, great melody, catchy lyrics, and Kakko’s voice excels at shouting – My mother said, my son! Do the noble thing, Always finish what you started…etc. – Magnificent.

    6. The Boy who wanted to be a Real Puppet: I know this as a Pinochio Parody, I disliked this song at first, but on time it grew on me, very good lyrics.

    7. My Selene: Was the first song written by the guitarrist able to fit into the album? The answer is: Yes, It Was.
    My Selene is a romantic song, succeding “The End of This Chapter” From “Silence” And the return of “Evenfall” I like the keyboarding in here

    8. Wildfire: The CRAZIEST song in the album, and I mean it!! This song is a jewel, I love it. The intro is epic (Burn it…burn it all…) Transforming into a heavy melody, in which Tony Kakko’s vocals excel. Crazy Heart Pounding solos, fast and powerful.

    9. White Pearl, Black Oceans: This is it my friends, the song that brought tears to my eyes, White Pearl Black Oceans.
    You guys know that Sonata Arctica is all about writting lyrics that are able to touch your heart, this is no excepcion.
    It starts with some beautiful chorus, such like “Divine Wings of Tragedy” from Symphony X.
    Telling the story of a lightkeeper that fell in love with a girl in the town. This girl was about to travel in a ship called “The White Pearl”.
    The lightkeeper didn’t turn on the lights in his light tower, so in night, the ship crashed into a coastal reef, all aboard died. All the persons in the town blame him, and he starts to repent himself with an effort of suicide (Black Oceans Beneath shall now swallow me)
    Maybe my summary is not touching, but read the lyrics, listen the song, and you will heed this words:
    This is one of the best epics ever written, In terms of lyrics and musicianship.

    10. Shamandalie: The “Depressing song” The album ends with a tranquil song, talking about a lost love, his best friend.
    Very Pretty Song, there is excellent piano work and some acoustics. – Can we ever have what we had then?? Friendship Unbreakable –

    Sonata changed, but changed for good. People that don’t like this album maybe are people that are obsessioned with Sonata’s Stratovarius – like – style of playing.
    Sonata has developed a unique way to play power metal, and this my friends, could be considered the album of the year.

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  • If you’ve never listened to Sonata Arctica, understand that SA are storytellers. Every song is a story unto itself and honestly told like a story. Most bands make some songs which are tales of some kind or another; usually what you get, however, is “I lost my girl” or “I found a girl” or “I hate life.”

    Not exactly original.

    Sonata Arctica’s songs are vivid paintings of a fantastic nature; somehow in four to nine minutes they can give you a setting, some unnamed characters which they still manage to make you resonate with, and a satisfying (if not always happy) conclusion. On this album, for example:

    *Ain’t Your Fairytale – Told from the perspective of wolves who must fight to maintain their world against the growing threat of men.
    *Don’t Say a Word – A man obsessed with his love takes it to very creepy extremes.
    *Wildfire – A boy, cast out and reviled by a town for the deeds of his father, takes his revenge by condemning the people to a horrible doom in the flames of his hate.
    *White Pearl, Black Oceans – Their masterpiece. Of all the songs they’ve done, this is easily the most epic in its scope (at least to me). A lighthouse-keeper, always alone, ventures into town on New Year’s Eve and subsequently suffers a heartbreaking series of events that shatter him.

    Technically they are precise and inventive on Reckoning Night; lyrically, as I’ve said, this is the most accomplished of their work. If there’s a complaint to be had about their work it’s that their English is flawed (they’re a Finnish band), although I doubt it’ll bother you unless you’re an English major.

    Also, though it has nothing to do with the music – Reckoning Night has some of the best artwork in its packaging that I’ve ever seen. If you like the album’s cover you’ll like the rest of it.

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  • Sonata Arctica has recently become one of my favourite bands. I had heard ‘The Cage’ and ‘Blank File’ in the past, and I liked them a lot. I was in Japan a couple of months ago and decided to buy a few albums, so I bought Ecliptica, Winterheart’s Guild and this one, Reckoning Night. All are fantastic, but RN may just be my favourite.

    Reckoning Night is slightly different to the other SA albums. It sees them using a little wider range of influences, throwing in a bit of heavy metal and hard rock to go with their already amazing power metal. This breathes life into their sound, not that it needed it though! Blinded No More is a good example of this new feel, and is a damn good song. Tony Kakko also uses his amazing voice to more effect on RN, just listen to the song Wildfire, with so many different vocal styles in it, the song just rules.

    There is not one moment on this album I don’t love, from the awesome opener Misplaced, to the single Don’t Say a Word, to my personal favourites, Ain’t Your Fairytale and White Pearl, Black Oceans… These songs take the cake for me due to the beautiful vocal melodies and harmonies. While these are present in pretty much every SA song, they are just truly amazing in these 2 songs.

    Having said all this, Reckoning Night did actually take a while to grow on me. I don’t know why, as it has all the ingredients that make Winterheart’s and Ecliptica great plus more, but it seemed a lot different on first listen. This may put you off, but definitely listen to it more than once before you throw the album off as bad, it will grow on you!

    PS, if you can, get the Japanese version with the bonus track Wrecking the Sphere on it, it is such a great song and just shows how much better the bonus tracks on Japanese releases are. The song is 7 minutes of sheer brilliance. Don’t get the 2 minute acoustic jam hidden track mixed up as Wrecking the Sphere, its not! The hidden track is simply called ‘Jam’.

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  • Sonata Arctica is one of those Finnish bands that have been causing quite the stir in the metal scene. When one thinks of the best performers of Power Metal, they are among the first to come up in the same sentence as Nightwish and EdGuy. Now distributed in the USA by Nuclear Blast, they have returned with the CD “Reckoning Night”. For this release I admit that I expected a little more. I had found their previous release “Winterheart’s Guild” to be a work of metal genius. It is very good, but does not seem to possess the intensity that I found on the other release. The 10 tracks I found go between very heavy and fast to your almost sing along-able type of track. Sonata often has the variety in their CD’s. The lineup is Tony Kakko (vocals), Jani Liimatainen (guitars), Tommy Portimo (drums), Marko Paasikoski (bass), and Henrik Klingenberg (keyboards). Fans of the technical side will enjoy how the members of Sonata play off of one another during the songs.

    The production does not seem to be as in your face as I would have liked it to be or that has been on previous releases. The band however is in top notch form on their playing and vocal harmonies. The best tracks to experience this is during “Misplaced” and “Wildfire”. There are a couple of potential singles also on the CD, such as “Don’t Say A Word” and “My Selene”. My favorite tracks thusfar would have to be “White Pearl, Black Oceans” and “Misplaced”. There is a nice ballad called “Shamandalie”, this will appeal to those who loved “A Letter To Dana” most specifically since it’s the closest they come to this feel.

    Clearly, Sonata Arctica is one of those groups that fans of the genre should be supporting. They make sure to give you a deftly crafted record on a regular basis and they have not yet become repetitive in it. You can also find them on various tributes. It’s amazing how the European scene allows for these guys to do albums, tours and tributes on a regular basis, yet here in the States we wait 4 years between some releases by our favorite bands. Often suffering at the hands of a producer who has a better “vision” for the piece. If music keeps coming like this from the other side of the pond, I think I might move there.

    Posted on February 19, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now