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Reckoning Night

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  • Sonata Arctica has been in heaven since “Ecliptica” (2000) They’ve been mastering their skills and their music since then, with Silence, their live album Songs in Silence: Live In Tokyo, and Winterheart’s Guild. Some felt disappointed by the “change in this album” But if you analize the album well you discover the change was for good, more musicianship and more feeling.

    1.Misplaced: I find this opening extreme, some powerful guitar riffs, very catchy lyrics (I’ve never had a chance, I can’t understand, I’m a misplaced man)

    2. Blinded No More: This song’s just magnificient. With a heavy beginning, transforming into a tranquil song with Tony Kakko’s voice at its max. Excellent

    3. Ain’t Your Fairytale: The Wolf Song! – The ones who seek justice, will pray for it all their lives –
    As always, Sonata excels in fast songs, this was not the exception, some great work in the keyboard solo and in the doble bombo drumming.

    4. Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night: The introduction to a much better Don’t Say a Word, this beautiful piano melody will take you to a Dreamland, Close your eyes and enjoy the trip,p until you open them to an astonishing “Don’t Say a Word”

    5. Don’t Say A Word: Well my friends, this is it, one of the best songs in the album, very powerful guitars, great melody, catchy lyrics, and Kakko’s voice excels at shouting – My mother said, my son! Do the noble thing, Always finish what you started…etc. – Magnificent.

    6. The Boy who wanted to be a Real Puppet: I know this as a Pinochio Parody, I disliked this song at first, but on time it grew on me, very good lyrics.

    7. My Selene: Was the first song written by the guitarrist able to fit into the album? The answer is: Yes, It Was.
    My Selene is a romantic song, succeding “The End of This Chapter” From “Silence” And the return of “Evenfall” I like the keyboarding in here

    8. Wildfire: The CRAZIEST song in the album, and I mean it!! This song is a jewel, I love it. The intro is epic (Burn it…burn it all…) Transforming into a heavy melody, in which Tony Kakko’s vocals excel. Crazy Heart Pounding solos, fast and powerful.

    9. White Pearl, Black Oceans: This is it my friends, the song that brought tears to my eyes, White Pearl Black Oceans.
    You guys know that Sonata Arctica is all about writting lyrics that are able to touch your heart, this is no excepcion.
    It starts with some beautiful chorus, such like “Divine Wings of Tragedy” from Symphony X.
    Telling the story of a lightkeeper that fell in love with a girl in the town. This girl was about to travel in a ship called “The White Pearl”.
    The lightkeeper didn’t turn on the lights in his light tower, so in night, the ship crashed into a coastal reef, all aboard died. All the persons in the town blame him, and he starts to repent himself with an effort of suicide (Black Oceans Beneath shall now swallow me)
    Maybe my summary is not touching, but read the lyrics, listen the song, and you will heed this words:
    This is one of the best epics ever written, In terms of lyrics and musicianship.

    10. Shamandalie: The “Depressing song” The album ends with a tranquil song, talking about a lost love, his best friend.
    Very Pretty Song, there is excellent piano work and some acoustics. – Can we ever have what we had then?? Friendship Unbreakable –

    Sonata changed, but changed for good. People that don’t like this album maybe are people that are obsessioned with Sonata’s Stratovarius – like – style of playing.
    Sonata has developed a unique way to play power metal, and this my friends, could be considered the album of the year.

    Posted on February 19, 2010