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  • I have been a fan of Nonpoint ever since their debut album, “Statement.” That album was like a hybrid of Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, and 311. Their second album, “Development” fused a little melody into the music. “Your Signs” (a good example of the band’s melodic side) was a hit single; but the album as a whole failed to break them into the mainstream, which they had hoped for. Following this release, they underwent a change in record labels (from MCA records to Lava).”Recoil”, the first album under Lava records, also just happens to be my favorite by them.
    This album is like their first two albums mixed together. Much of the angst filled music is still here, but singer Elias Soriano’s vocal style helps to fuse in the melody. He can sing energetically (without yelling). Some songs (i.e. “Broken Bones” and “Reward”) should please old-school Nonpoint fans, but a few surprises are thrown in here and there as well (such as “Wait”-which has female vocals, “Rabia” and “In the Air Tonight”).

    Highlights include:

    “The Same” could very well be the album’s next single. It has a pounding beat, but melodic, radio-friendly vocals.
    “The Truth”, is the albums lead single with low, grumbling riffs and thudding drums. Lyrically, however, it is a political statement that questions Bush and the war in Iraq.
    “Rabia” has a Latin theme to it (with Latin percussion and other Latin instruments), and fluctuating guitar riffs. But this song is a highlight because it is sung entirely in Spanish (like “Orgullo”, from their debut album).
    “Done it Anyway” combines a catchy, beeping, start-stop riff with more tuneful vocals.
    “In The Air Tonight” is a Phil Collins cover, and a personal favorite. All the creepiness of the original is included in this cover, but Nonpoint create their own twist to this song by adding tribal drums. There are a couple of riffs in this song, but Elias’ catchy voice sings clearly. This whole song has an Ill Nino type of feel to it.
    “Past it All” begins with light, spacey guitar strings. The guitars then chug and churn and Elias’ voice raises.
    There’s a bonus track at the end of the C.D., after “Reward”. It has light guitar notes (that almost sound like a piano) and more supple, gentle and proper singing.

    This blend of hard rocking, Deftones -esque riffs and drums and passionate, Sevendust style melody is not only innovative but also almost perfect. There’s something for a wide range of metalheads here (those who like energetic, blood pumping metal, and also those who like melodic metal).
    Nonpoint are also one of those hard working, overlooked bands. Some people don’t give Nonpoint their fair spin because they have been lumped in with the nu-metal crowd. But I wouldn’t file this album under that genre. It should appeal to nu-metal fans, but (by adding melody) I think Nonpoint have escaped that dreaded “nu-metal” label.

    Posted on March 2, 2010