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  • Have you ever had one of the those days where for some reason you sprang from your carnivorous slumber harboring a mad craving for the most disgustingly crappy music imaginable so you can write a p!ssed-off reveiw on Amazon JUST CUZ!!? Well last week I got `the spring’ and sprung to Wal-Mart, eagerly searching for some selection that would surely splatter my inner earlobes with endless torrents of sticky brown feces. My radar zoomed upon “Recoil” and all of the album artwork’s uber-pretentious magnificence, so I snatched it right up like a marsupial lizard snatches up hair lice in a swimming pool, a phrase which here means “casually”.

    I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m about to bash this album in a literary fashion equal to that of a monster truck, ripping apart your favorite album by your favorite band like it was string cheese in Fat Albert’s lunch bag, aren’t you? Well, if I were reviewing Breaking Benjamin’s “Saturate” for the FIFTH CONSECUTIVE TIME, then I would congratulate you on your sweet guessing skills. But since I’m NOT, and also since this album by Nonpoint is actually pretty decent, you should know that you’re completely wrong. Then again . . .

    The things that are wrong with this album are the things that are wrong with nu-metal in general. It’s derivatively generic and full of emotional poo. It has the pathetic political clich├ęs and eye-rollingly angered themes of every Converse-wearing teenager this side of Nirvana. And really, it’s just downright retarded. But there is something that manages to separate Nonpoint from most of their segregated affiliates, and that something spells its name like this: DEPTH. When you listen to this album, it isn’t really about the loud music or the loud singer or the loud, re-repeated messages; it’s about honesty, it’s about heart, it’s about conviction, and it’s about genuine feeling.

    Now when I say DEPTH, I don’t mean, “oh my heavens, Nonpoint is the next TOOL!!!!!” or any silly thing like that. I mean that “Recoil” takes everything to hate about nu-metal, slaps it in the face and says, “THIS is how we discuss these important things”, and turns it into something (dare I say it) worthwhile. Every lyric rings true, every chord breathes honesty (sometimes), every song transpires a yearning desire for change, to make a difference, to make sure people know what’s up in this world. And even if I may not agree with a lot of their views, I can certainly respect their mode of telling me.

    But all that honesty crap aside, I still find myself enjoying the MUSIC on this album a little bit more than I ever thought I could. I mean really, how can anyone say no to a nu-metal band that covers PHIL-freakin-COLLINS?!?!?! Without doubt, the highlight track on this album for me is `In the Air Tonight’, which has long been my favorite Collins tune, only this time huge guitars are slamming around and chemical reactions explode magically, making this probably one of the best Collins covers I’ve ever heard (though admittedly, I don`t think there ARE any other Collins covers). And even outside of that song, there’s plenty of sweet jams on this record, starting with the huge crunch of `the Same’ and staying pretty strong throughout the rest of the record. There’s a lot of overused, repetitive power-chorded sections, but I’m mostly enjoying myself the whole time.

    Loud, heavy, urgent. It’s all been done before, and much better, no question about it. Yet, when I give my attention to “Recoil”, I give it ALL my attention, generic poo aside. In short, “Recoil” challenges the listener more than the average Slipknot. 3 stars.

    Posted on March 2, 2010