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    by Vanessa Bond
    Firsthand I must tell you readers that Nonpoint is what I consider an interactive band. If you enjoy a rock show where you truly participate and experience the raw energy and passion in a performance then you must see Nonpoint live. Preferably in a smaller venue while they are still on the road. These guys are genuine traveling minstrels; I am one more soul seduced by their rapture. So with that being said, on to the review.

    Recoil is the latest CD following their previous album Development. I have not listened to it (Development) yet so I cannot give you a comparison. I can tell you not to expect the same old thing with this release. Nonpoint is in a state of constant artistic growth with innovative sounds that I find a welcome change against the music styles the industry insists on putting into categories. I hate that! Nonpoint consists of members Andrew Goldman on guitar and vocals, KB on bass guitar, Robb Rivera on drums and percussion, and Elias Soriano on lead vocals. The album was produced by Jason Bieler and Nonpoint.

    The first track titled The Same is a powerful opening song with heavy rapid guitar riffs and bass and drums that rip out like an explosion. It has a rhythm that grinds and Soriano’s vocals deliver the undertones of anger and frustration in this song.
    The Truth, which is the first single to grace the airwaves, carries a powerful message that questions the motives of the government and it’s deception of the American people. It is quickly becoming a true anthem of the youth and protest gatherings. The lilt in the chorus almost carries the childhood air we chanted in the school yard. Perfect. Soriano balances the vocal levels from powerful roars to soft, vulnerable whispers.
    The third track Broken Bones rocks the house. You will be dancing! I love the execution of the instruments and the little nuances included in this track.
    Rabia which is co-written by Soriano and Rivera is one of my favorites. Winslow loves it! Rivera’s drums and KB’s bass are off the chain and out the blazing door! The percussion will possess you and Goldman’s riffs deliver the fire and aggression that make this the ultimate “That does it- I’ve had it!” song. The Spanish lyrics are perfect because of their simplicity. Some words need no translation. Soriano nails the mood with gruff and brutal vocals.
    Wait blends hard metal rock with a catchy melody and chorus. I like the way the vocals alternate between Goldman and Soriano. This song will tend to get stuck in your head. A lot.
    Past It All is a gem of a song that moves me every time I hear it. A bittersweet ballad of love lost, the price of deception and the resulting pain and regret. Soriano has a way of singing that tells the tale from a man’s point of view without the typical whiny, complaining tone that I cannot stand. His lyrics are very forthright yet fair. Noble is the knight.
    There is a hidden acoustic version of this song at the end of the album that stops me in my tracks every time. Goldman’s guitar plays like it is almost weeping and Soriano’s vocals truly reveal the sad emotion in this song. It must have been really something to be in the studio for that take. Robb Rivera’s technique is unlike anything else I have seen or heard. That is what makes their cover of “In The Air Tonight” what I believe will be the single that takes them to the top. It was written by Phil Collins who also was the drummer and vocalist for the band Genesis. Nonpoint has truly transformed it. I think this song is where it belongs when performed by these guys. It brings forth the passion and emotion that Collin’s version lacks. It’s almost like this song sat around twenty years collecting dust just waiting for Nonpoint to pick it up, dust it off, and polish it up. Rivera’s drums are hypnotic and Soriano delivers with just the right amount of tender breath or growl in each note.
    Reward features some of the tightest bass licks and KB demonstrates that he is truly a master of his instrument.

    The chemistry of the band and their musicianship says it all. What genre? Nonpoint. There are more excellent songs and little surprises on Recoil but you will have to buy it and discover them for yourself. After Recoil I can’t wait to see what snaps back.

    Winslow gives Recoil a rating of: Five Feathers
    That’s a full tail feather fan for Nonpoint and Recoil.

    Posted on March 3, 2010