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  • You would think that this record would get 5 stars given the songs that are on it, the very cream of the first four Foreigner albums. However, multiple reviewers have given this rather excellent compilation of songs as little as one star. The reason isn’t that the music is bad, the reason is that this collection is very incomplete, and for a few dollars more you can have “The Complete Greatest Hits” which has double the number of songs. The other problem with this collection is that the songs are the radio version, not the album version.You know these songs; they are great songs. The radio versions, true, but still great. The ever awesome “Feels Like the First Time”, the mellow “Waiting for a Girl Like You”, and rocking standards like “Cold as Ice” and “Hot Blooded”; ten selections that are truly greatest hits.Now, unless you like only early Foreigner, or must have every Foreigner CD because you are a super fan, go buy one of the newer greatest hits collections that have all these songs plus many more, for only a little more money. I still rate this CD 4 stars because the music is so good, but for value it rates 2 stars, because much better exists.

    Posted on January 6, 2010