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Red Voodoo

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  • If you gave up on “Red Voodoo” before the title song (track 4) started, give it another chance. While there is nothing here that can match the calibre of classic Sammy (Standing Hampton, Three Lock Box, and VOA era), there are songs here that are worth a listen. Just skip the first three.The album kicks off with its big hit, “Mas Tequilla.” This song is an obvious Gary Glitter ripoff and has the distinct feel of a product endorsement. It’s OK as a party song, but if you’re looking for a good listening experience (and you’re not drunk), listen on.The next two tracks get even worse. Sammy “shagging” someone? Puh-leeeze! And “Sympathy For The Human” must be the worst song Sammy Hagar has ever recorded, be it with Montrose, Van Halen, or solo.But with the start of the title track, things start to pick up considerably. The remainder of this disc has a good mix of ballads and rockers. While nothing’s the equivalent of “I Can’t Drive 55,” it makes for a good listen. Better yet, as the album plays on, it gets better, peaking with the excellent “Right on Right” and ending with “Returning Of The Wish,” the best ballad here.I would have given this album 4 stars if the first three tracks had been omitted, and 5 if they had been replaced with something that even approached the quality of classics like “55″ and “Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy.” If you don’t have any of Sammy’s earlier (pre-VH) work, buy it first. Otherwise, “Red Voodoo” is worth a spin.

    Posted on March 14, 2010