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Red, White, & Crue

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  • THE BAND: Vince Neil (vocals), Mick Mars (guitar), Nikki Sixx (bass), Tommy Lee (drums). Home town: Los Angeles, CA.

    THE DISCS: 37 songs on 2 discs. Digitally remastered sound. A nice tri-fold CD case with a 14-page booklet. The booklet includes a brief band retro by ‘Rolling Stone’ writer David Wild, band pictures, and song listings – including the year written and from which album the song came from). Disc 1 contains 20 songs ranging from 1982-89 (“Too Fast For Love” through “Dr. Feelgood”). Disc 2 contains 17 songs – covering all kinds of goodies – from bonus songs from previous “Greatest Hits” releases, as well as late era Crue albums from the 90’s, as well as the ultra heavy “Motley Crue” album featuring Vince Neil’s replacement for a year, John Corabi. If you dig deep, you’ll see this collection is really an ode to Nikki Sixx – who is on 33 of the 37 song writing credits (Mick Mars is on 16, and perhaps appropriately Vince Neal on only 7 songs). There are 4 cover tunes (“Helter Skelter”, “Smokin’ In The Boys Room”, “Anarchy In The UK”, and “Street Fighting Man”), all but the latter were fairly successful. While most of the 90’s era songs can’t touch the tracks from the 80’s, I feel the best songs from the late era Crue are well represented here. Footnote – Mick Mars is a severely underrated guitar wizard.

    ALBUM REPRESENTATION: Too Fast For Love (4 songs), Shout At The Devil (4), Theater Of Pain (2), Girls, Girls, Girls (4), Dr. Feelgood (6), Decade of Decadence (2), Motley Crue w/John Corabi (2), Quaternary (2), Generation Swine (3), Greatest Hits (2), New Tattoo (2), Unreleased/New (4).

    COMMENTS: The Crue represented 80′S “glam rock” at it’s ultimate best. The Hollywood bad-boys ripped it up on stage as well as behind the scenes. Always seemingly in trouble – anywhere in the world. They rocked the house down – show after show. They had SO many great tunes and the standards are all here (“Live Wire”, “Looks That Kill”, “Too Young To Fall In Love”, “Smokin’ In The Boys Room”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Kickstart My Heart”, “Dr. Feelgood”, “Primal Scream”, “Hooligan’s Holiday”, etc). Fond memories of Mars shredding his guitar; Sixx on steady bass, Tommy Lee pounding the skins upside down, and Vince Neil leading the way with his high pitched wail. “Red, White & Crue” (2005) is easily the best 2-disc Crue compilation of the band to date. Any other Crue compilation (“Decade Of Decadence”, “Greatest Hits”, “Millenium Collection”, etc) are now considered mute. All the studio albums are represented here on “Red, White & Crue”. It’s a great recollection and history of the band. If you are fairly new to the Crue – “Red, White & Crue” is THE place to start. Sure, Motley Crue has several ‘Best Of’ packages and for those fans that have much/all their material – this release may or may not be considered essential. I say – trade in your old Crue compilations for this one. It would have been great to see a few obscure favorites of mine like “Red Hot”, “Dancing On Glass”, “City Boy Blues” or “Ten Seconds To Love”… but I won’t look this gift-horse in the mouth. Thank you Hip-O Records for making all but 3 of these tracks the ’studio’ version (only 3 re-mixes and NO live recordings). The selection of Crue tunes here are first rate (5 stars).

    Posted on February 10, 2010