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Reek of Putrefaction

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  • While the songs on Carcass’ first release are an often brilliant mixture of caffeine-addled grind and death-metal, it’s usually difficult to tell because of the horrible, microphone-in-a-trashcan production. I would recommend the far superior and better-produced “Symphonies of Sickness” to new Carcass initiates. I have the original CD release of “Symphonies” that contains “Reek” (Along with the autopsy-collage album cover) and the difference in production between the two is like night and day. A.C. have used a similar-sounding production style on a few of their releases, akin to being stuck under three feet of sludge while the band plays above you. In A.C.’s case it just seems to be a parody. It’s a tragedy for Carcass fans that this material was produced so poorly. I’d welcome a remaster with open arms, in this case it just might be a lost cause.

    Posted on February 26, 2010