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Reflections of the I

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  • Indeed, the greatest cd you’ve never heard. If you enjoy metal, than this is a cd you must buy NOW.If you’re looking for something different in the metal world, than this cd is for you. The vocals (CLEAN vocals, mind you) are excellent, the guitarwork superb, and the drumming unbelievable. Outstanding this are Andy Winter’s keyboards, which add great depth and form the core of the music.This CD is a definite must-buy for all metal fans. It is a perfect meld of classical and modern. I would classify it as ‘neoclassical prog metal.’ The violins and cellos are a key part of the sound and add immeasurably to the music.I have only two minor complaints; the guitar solos are a little too Malmsteen-ish. Though some Jason Becker shines through, I would have preferred a more original approach to the solos. Also, Lars Eric Si’s voice, while great for this cd, takes getting used to and is a little dull and, as another reviewer expressed, is “unemotive.” he’s a long way from being Bruce Dickenson or Matt Barlow, but I definitely prefer him to James LaBrie.My recommendation to you is to buy this album immediately. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and you’ll have something that even non-metal fans can enjoy.

    Posted on December 13, 2009