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  • oops. I saw Apocalyptica live in D.C. with their drummer and I rescind all previous comments about percussion being a bad idea.

    Yes, I like Reflections. Yes, I love Apocalyptica, and this album is good and I’m happy that someone had the sense to release it in the States. But here’s the thing. Part of Apocalyptica’s appeal was the fact that their music was exclusively created by cellos. On “Inquisition Symphony” they even boasted about this. On “Cult”, Path Vol. 2 (when they brought in a vocalist) was really f’in cool. Yes, I’m glad that they want to experiment and “expand their sound” and I want the group to feel free creatively, but the addition of percussive elements on some tracks on this album seems to take away from their unique, original butt-kickin’ nature, the feeling of “Oh my god, they made all this crazy noise with just /cellos/?!” So, Apocalytpica is still doing well, but I fear with the addition of other instruments they have become just another orchestral metal band.

    Posted on December 10, 2009