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Reign in Blood

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  • If anyone, Slayer has to be, undoubtedly the definitive band in thrash metal. From the years of 1983, when such bands as Metallica and Queensr├┐che also debuted, Slayer, unlike the other bands, is still making good music (just pick up either Metallica’s “St. Anger” or Queensr├┐che’s “Tribe” and you will see how their music has changed). Reign In Blood is an example and a history lesson of what may be Slayer’s best album ever. Every song is non-stop aggressive, upbeat and mean thrash metal at it’s best. From the onslaught of the dual guitars to the pounding of the double kick drum, this one is great. This recent fall, I saw Slayer in concert at the Mid Hudson Civic Center, and they hold together live faster and better than many bands wish they could. Not only did they come up with a 2-hour set, but after about the first 8-10 songs, Slayer’s finale was, well, Reign In Blood. They played the entire album from start to finish, from Angel Of Death to Raining Blood, all in order. Damn, I guess that means that they like this album a little bit too. Well anyway here’s the breakdown of it all.Angel Of Death – To be brief, this is the best Slayer song ever, no kidding. You just can’t get any better than this song. It is not only hyper fast but has a sick breakdown in it too.Piece By Piece – It’s a two minuter. Not bad by any means, in fact it’s all well rounded song. This also has one of those good old breakdowns.Necrophobic – This song wasn’t as good as Angel Of Death, but hey, not really any of them are. But it’s the general sound of the album here still. Fast and thrash.Altar Of Sacrifice – This is one mean song. I love how Kerry and Jeff just abuse the whammy bar beyond belief! It’s got a slow and heavy bridge. It bleeds right into the next song. ‘Kin great.Jesus Saves – This was the first song on the album where you realize that it doesn’t start off at 100 miles per hour. But things change quickly and it picks up in the first minute. Also a killer.Criminally Insane – You really get a taste of what Tom Araya loves to write his lyrics about. It’s a slow song compared to the rest but it’s also one of the best. Since it’s slow it’s pretty heavy.Reborn – This is about the only moderate song on the album. It’s pretty good but nothing spectacular.Epidemic – It kicks off with one of those signature Slayer drum rolls. Pretty fast like, everything and well yeah it’s good.Postmortem – This song sounds like it’s way out of it’s time, like some band wrote it only a couple years ago. I wonder what people thought in 1986 when a song like this was around. Another one that bleeds right into the next…RAINING BLOOD – This is Slayer’s meanest, crudest, songs of destruction and violence ever!! You have to listen to it to understand. From the intro to the main killing riff to the, whole song it’s just one of the best.The absolute best songs on the album are Angel Of Death and Raining Blood. This album is home to two of Slayer’s best songs to date, with the rest of the album rocking more probably than any other Slayer release.

    Posted on December 2, 2009