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Reign in Blood

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  • This CD changed the landscape when it came out.Thrash/Metal had been, at that point, “evolving” into long overly complex songs with lots of guitar solos. That’s not to say some of those records aren’t great but when I originally got this on vinyl I couldn’t believe how raw and stripped down the whole thing was. Clocking in at just over 25 minutes Reign in Blood is rage, pure and simple. There’s nothing subtle about this record, it’s just fury. To this day there’s no other record that gives me the same adrenalin hit as this! There’s no selling out and playing longer/slower songs, every song is fast almost the entire way through and the lyrics are more of the same. Araya never sounded better…screaming, cursing and blasting away at subjects from organized religion, serial killing, canabalism and Auschwitz. The lyrics of this LP were so intense that there original label dropped them rather than release it…thank Rick Rubin of Def Jam for saving this masterpiece and making it available to us all.The cassette was the only full length LP I had that fit the entire record on both sides of the tape.In closing, this is possibly the most important record of the 80’s. It sums up how I felt and changed my life (I heard this in 6th grade….) I hope you enjoy it too.

    Posted on December 2, 2009