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Reign in Blood

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  • Slayer first burst onto the metal scene with Show No Mercy. This album showcased their songwriting talents(Die by the Sword, Black Magic) but overall was just mediocre, their follow-up(the “Hell” album) offered much of the same. It wasn’t until their third album that Slayer found the perfect formula for their type of music. It is called Reign in Blood.Reign in Blood offers furiously fast & extremely dark music. Slayer’s trademark barbaric chord progressions are still present(Angel of Death, Piece by Piece, Necrophobic, Reborn & Raining Blood) but the songwriting overall is much better. Jeff Hanneman finally matures as a writer & Kerry King contribtes his doomsday lyrics & bezerko solos as if he’s in Hell himself. Tom Araya’s vocals & Tom Lombardo’s brilliant technical drumming add the finishing touches to this masterpiece.Although this album is not musically complex in an extreme sense(why should thrash be anyway), there are enough meter changes, ambitious chord progressions & good to great song structures to make this a timeless classic for the genre it represents. This album has no weak spots. It contains the right mix of classic & transition songs to make it, arugably, the greatest thrash recording ever.Bottom line: if you love dark, atmospheric metal, buy this now. Or if you’re just looking for pummeling no mercy music, this will also do the trick.Every track is good, but the ones to watch out for are Angel of Death, Necrophobic, Jesus Saves, Reborn, Epidemic, Postmortem & Raining Blood.Chris Raye of Classic Albums Magazine

    Posted on December 2, 2009