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Reinventing the Steel

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  • DAMMIT! Goddamn Electric is the BEST Pantera song I’ve heard for a LONG time! But, then there’s Reinventing the Steel and Death Rattle, oh, and about 7 other crunching tracks that take Pantera back to the sound that made them one of the definitive metal bands, ever. If you look below you, you will gradually see more reviews giving full marks to this great record, than before. This is because these people will probably only be seing this record’s true brilliance 5 days after they bought it. This is die hard Pantera and I love them for it. No fillers, no ballads, no real hit singles, just 10 hard-hitting tracks that heavy music needs right now. Pantera may be a number one selling band, but they stick firmly to their roots. They will not change. But, they will continue to make consistently great records that bow to no trend. True Pantera fans now this and as a result will totally love this record, which harks back to the classic vulgar display of power more than any of their other records – only, a lot more aggressive. People who were expecting this god awful ‘nu’ sound shouldn’t be listening to Pantera.

    Posted on November 30, 2009