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Reinventing the Steel

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  • After a four year wait, Pantera returns with yet another classic metal album. This album returns to the cleaner guitar/bass sounds remniscent of “FBD” and “Vulgar”, yet with more “Cowboy’s”-esque Dimebag riffs. Phil’s voice is still Phil’s voice, powerful and in your face! The best songs on this CD are: the heavy plodding “——- Electric”, “You’ve Got to Belong to It” which sounds as if it could have almost been on the “Cowboys” album, “Revolution is My Name” where Phil actually SINGS pretty well, “Uplift” which features excellent bass play by Rex, and the album’s closer “I’ll Cast a Shadow”. Any long-time PanterA fan will be more than satisfied with this album. Anyone that’s just getting into the metal scene, here are a few bands that are definitely worth giving a listen to: Drain STH, Sevendust, Puya, Machine Head, Skinlab, and Candiria. Enjoy.

    Posted on November 30, 2009