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Reise, Reise

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  • I’m going to levy a disclaimer for this one. If you listen to Rammstein because you like the extremely heavy and fast paced guitar riffs from the other 3 albums, then I’m warning you this album does not have nearly as much of that on it. However, if you like Rammstein because of the heavy sound, their ability to switch pace mid song, and their incredibly deviant metaphoric lyrics, then this album is perfect for you.

    The band has said that they want to try and make Till sing better instead of just speak, and they want to make their songs more complex, and they did just that. This is truly a better work of metal musicianship, and these songs have much more melody than most of their previous works. Of course there are still some good fast paced tracks on there to help keep the overall album moving smoothly and let us know that they still enjoy that style, but for the most part this album is much more ‘beautiful’ and less ‘hardcore’ than their other efforts, and I am personally glad that Rammstein has decided to show off their skills a little more and start to stray from the standard formula of industrial heavy metal.

    So if you’re willing to hear something new, give this album a listen, just don’t expect speed metal. I’m looking forward to seeing them in concert now that they have a diverse array of songs to play, I just hope they come to the states again!

    Posted on March 16, 2010