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Reise, Reise

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  • Rammstein change their formula a bit for their fifth album. Some would say “If it ain’t broken, why fix it?”, but Rammstein decided they needed to make more of a straight forward metal album. They have all but deleted the industrial/dance parts of their music (except for the keyboards). The band also churned out riffs that are different than what we’ve heard on their last two albums. The “chugga chugga” riffs are out, and wall shaking riffs are in. Add a singer who growls and almost snarls at times, and you have Rammstein’s new sound. Dark, loud and brooding; similar to Coal Chamber, circa 2002.

    Highlights include:

    The title track’s verses has vocals and a slow, almost spacey drum beat. The chorus, however, has a couple of riffs and the song ends with what sounds like a violin.
    “Mein Tell” is the lead single, and rightfully so. A good headbanger, it explodes with stereo rattling guitar noise. The singer’s (Till Lindemann’s) growling/snarling voice goes well with the music and the verses are good lead-ins to the heavy choruses.
    “Dalai Lama” begins with soft notes, as the guitarist slowly picks at the guitar’s fret board. Keyboards are included in the verses, but the chorus has choppy, chunky riffs.
    “Amerika” is the other single. The beginning and chorus have more strong riffs, but this song is a standout because the choruses are sung (not snarled) in English. Towards the end of the song, new wave keyboards make an entrance (against a background of churning guitar riffs).
    “Morgenstern” begins with what sounds like a female church choir. Then the guitars come aboard and make “boom boom” riffs, with the singer snarling in between them.

    If I could recommend any changes to this album, I’d say make some more industrial (Skinny Puppy-ish) dance numbers (“Los” is the only song I found myself tapping my foot to.) I wouldn’t delete any of the songs in favor of the industrial dance numbers, I’d just add to what’s already on this C.D.
    But the bottom line is, this is good metal. It’s dark enough if you’re looking for gothic metal, but the keyboards should appeal to industrial metal fans. I can’t see why anybody (*cough* Entertainment Weekly *cough*) would say this C.D. is monotonous. There are songs that rock hard (i.e. “Mein Tell”), but there are also songs that are a lot quieter and more restrained (i.e. “Dalai Lama”).
    Many people can’t get past the language barrier, which is too bad. It’s funny why Americans can’t get past the language barrier, when Europeans can! Bands like Slipknot and Metallica are just as popular as Rammstein in Germany. “Reise, “Reise” is already a hit in Germany, but to succeed in America, they need a hit single (like “Du Hast”). “Mein Tell” and “Amerika” come close, but they haven’t quite gotten the radio play they deserve. Support small time, underrated music, check this album out-Rammstein deserve it. If nothing else, call your local radio station and request they play some Rammstein. Also, make sure you see them live, it really helps you to appreciate and enjoy their music more.

    Posted on March 17, 2010