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  • I would really really like to know just where all these so-called die-hard Metallica came from, did they just appear out of no where? Well, as soon as the band does a couple albums that are radically different from it’s previous work, they come running in droves. “Yeah, I was a Metallica fan way back in the San-Fran club days.” Well, no one pointed out that for anyone who’s been listening that long, they would be about the same age as the band members, and wouldn’ve matured along with them. The only legitimate complaint about the new Metallica has nothing to do with metal “culture” or musical technicalities. It is simply this, Load and Re-Load were not realy albums that you could get up and swing your hair around to. But people, come on, if you want to swing your hair, they’re perpetually on tour and seem to love their old music just a much as the fans do. And there’s ten years and four albums worth of hair swinging metal for your enjoyment. If you want that, listen to it, but don’t be an idiot by laying down the “sellout” chants. The word means absoulutely nothing. Music “fans” will use the word sellout for any reason, just so long as it’s music, and there’s something they dislike about it, it’s “sold-out.” But really, listen to the music and see for yourself. Load came out in 1996 when a lot of people in the music industry were predcting that the techno bands would get big and replace grunge, and although that never really happened, most can remember a few radio hits by acts like Prodigy and the Chemcal Brothers. And what does Metallica do? They go out and make a country-metal album, at a time when everyone was talking techno. Hmmmmmmm, so much for selling-out. And now, everyone is talking rap-metal(Korn, Limp, Rage etc.) and what does Metallica do? They do a classical-metal album. Like I said, the only complaint about Load and Re-Load is the hair swinging factor, but if you buy a lyric sheet for the albums you’ll find find theme’s a lot more twisted than anything from their thrash days. Like I said, if you want thrash, there’s plenty of it to listen to on older CD’s, and the band plays an even balance of it on stage, but let people grow up and mature, because if I were James Hetfield and the only legitimate claim I had to anything in my life was that I made people want to swing their hair around, I’d go find a nice dark corner to hide in.

    Posted on January 21, 2010