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  • Thin Lizzy “Renegade” 1981 release is a Cd that I really really like !! An impressive mix of musical expression, depth and soul.
    “Yes” it is different from most Thin Lizzy. But, “Who Cares” It’s whats inside that counts. The spirit and soul of the music we hear brings emotion, and Renegade is overflowing.
    Lead vocalist and bassist Phil Lynott has one of the most identifiable Rock n Roll voices. His voice ranges from tough to sensitive and everything in between. To play the bass guitar and sing at the same time takes real talent and Phil excells at it.
    Phil Lynott is also a Great story teller as expressed in his songwriting.
    My other favorite on this album is Drummer Brian Downey. He is no slouch. You know your in for a treat whenever he lends his talents to a recording.
    Renegade features solid guitar performances, talented drumming and formadable songwriting which are exclusive to Lynott’s talents as a story teller. This Renegade Journey makes for a very enjoyable listening experience.

    Featured songs are:
    “Angel Of Death”- Song about a devastating nuclear holocaust.
    Very intense driving stacatto bass patterns combined with steady forceful drumming. The ending also features some explosive drum fills.

    “Renegade”- Rythmic guitar chords and drum accents really enhance this song. Solid bass and drums. Creative off beat drum patterns during the middle section of the song.

    “The Pressure Will Build”- A straight forward Lizzy Rock n Roller. Trademark dual harmony guitars.

    “Leave The Town”- Uptempo fast rocker with a southern rock feel.
    Guitars are the main focus of this fast Rock n Roll Shuffle. Dual lead guitars are showcased !!

    “Hollywood”- A story about the Hollywood lifestyle with its dog eat dog mentality. When your down on your luck. This song has a catchy chorus that will have you singing along. A guitar solo as well.

    “No One Told Him”- A song about relationship issues. Another Lizzy style straight ahead Rocker.And another catchy sing along chorus. Also features some very cool drum triplet patterns throughout.

    “Fats”- This is really different for Thin Lizzy. A Funky Jazzy syncopated bass and drum song. Interesting chord structures with an expressive piano solo. Solid blues rock lead vocals from Phil. Standout guitar and piano !!

    “Mexican Blood”- Lynott’s story telling at its finest. A latin rock feel with the emphasis on rock. Features creative percussive timbales and even some marimba style mariachi playing.
    Excellent percussion and drums.

    “It’s Getting Dangerous”- A Lynott story teller again and its a good one. Lots of drum fills and bass guitar going on. Fine rythym guitar work.

    Some interesting trivia surrounding Thin Lizzy:
    1. Band spokesperson Scott Gorham nicknamed the band, The most unproffessional proffessional band in the industry. Because they were always late for there gigs.
    2. Thin Lizzy didn’t start their first tour of the US until 1975. They were backing up Bob Seger and Bachman Turner Overdrive.
    3. Drummer Brian Downey and Phil Lynott were school mates and remained close, both proffessionally and personally for many years.

    Listen and Ye Shall Hear !!
    There Is A Little Renegade In All Of Us !!

    Posted on December 14, 2009