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  • Though I’ve only been a Lizzy fanatic for the past couple of years, when I purchased Renegade last winter, I really enjoyed the diversity it had to offer within the 9 song tracklist. Alot of the hardcore Lizzy fans consider this to be the least inspired and far-removed from the classic Lizzy sound, but, considering Lynott’s parallel solo career at this time and he basically being the main songwriter and the backbone of Lizzy, its hard to really knock this effort as being lacklustre. True, songs like “No One Told Him” and “Mexican Blood” probably would’ve turned out better on Lynott’s second solo record, but the other tracks that round out the bulk of the record more than make up for the aforementioned lesser songs; such as the classic title track, “Angel of Death”, “Leave This Town” and “Hollywood”, the album’s centerpiece. I personally prefer this record over the prievious “Chinatown” album; I feel there is a more commercially accessible style on this record and I think that’s what the band was going for at the time. And, although Snowy White had only been in the group for a little over a year, I think he fits very well on this record more so and comes into his own, finally hitting his stride on the title track. After this record and the touring that followed, the band entered into the final chapter with Phillip at the helm and with the recruitment of one John Sykes, regained the harder edge that had been missing since Black Rose. But that’s for another review. Most fans may disagree with me on the final word about Renegade, but, personally, it was a time-marking record for where the group was at musically, and although it may have seemed as a little too smooth for some, it still retains its integrity and musical appeal.

    Posted on December 14, 2009