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  • Billed by myself as the “forgotten Thin Lizzy album” Renegade often gets maligned like the other Snowy White effort “Chinatown”. I’ll say that “Renegade” is not quiet as good as “Chinatown” it is, however, a high quality effort from a then veteran band working against the tide of new british metal and american alloy bands that were sweeping the music scene. As with “Chinatown” guitarist Snowy White make his mark with the stream-lined boogie number “Leave This Town” (a Sugar Blues re-deaux)that is in the dance friendly hard rock vein that Thin Lizzy has always mined with great sucess. “Angel of Death” and the tital track are always in my Thin Lizzy mix tape I make from time to time for long road trips (they’re that good). Other tracks are equally sublime with “Fats” most notably jumping out as an incredible ode to jazz great Fats Domino. “Hollywood” is another winner from this lineup with Phil’s lyrics and vocals carrying the song. In many ways this is still vintage Lizzy, but it has a then modern sound to it that causes friction among many LIzzy purists. Renegade is basically just another quality entry to Phil Lynott’s legacy of making top notch quality hard rock. A genre that has few bands of much noteriety over a career that lasted as long as Thin Lizzy. Pick it up if you haven’t heard it, or ignored it in the past.

    Posted on December 14, 2009