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  • I’ve read peoples’ complaints that this recording is too muffled sounding, only contains a few good songs and was one responsible for the “downfall of thrash.” I completely disagree. First of all, Kreator experiment on every album they’ve made by redefining their own vision of metal. On Extreme Agression, they solidified their songwriting skills and transistioned from above-average thrash to burgeoning metal maturity. Coma of Souls is a great album and a landmark in thrash. The record’s major-label production brought Kreator’s power forward like never before. Many people were expecting Coma of Souls pt. 2 before Renewal was released but from a musician’s perspective it gets a bit dull constantly rehashing the same style, album to album. To be honest, Renewal is very much in the same vain as Coma of Souls’ lyrical themes (abuse of power, environmental destruction, war) as well as musical structure. The difference is that songs on Rewnewal have some slower tempos and really great explorations of dynamics. Also, Ventor’s drumming is just incredible. He experiments a lot with different hi-hat techniques and programming (espeically on the self-penned “Realitatskontrolle.”) His drum sound is a bit different but I wouldn’t say it is muffled (as others have indicated). The snare is slightly higher up in the mix but is recorded seemingly “dry,” without reverb.Remember, that the same unjustly harsh criticism was levelled upon Metallica’s …An Justice for All for the same reasons. Now the album is considered among the finest in hard music history.Anyway, if you like Kreator (or any extreme music) give this album a chance. It’s often available through an Amazon marketplace seller for pretty cheap because it’s received a lot of negative criticism. However, if you are open minded about music, you’re in for a treat.

    Posted on November 28, 2009