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  • I think the reviews on this are a bit too high, but I’m glad it didn’t get slammed like I thought it would. This album was an experiment for Kreator, incorporating industrial sounds and lackluster production that caught all the fans off guard, including myself. What really hurt this album was that it followed Extreme Aggression & Coma Of Souls, arguably 2 of the finest thrash albums ever recorded, not to mention all their earlier work, but these 2 albums in particular found Kreator with a tight sound with very meaty guitars and great production. Renewal is lacking in all these departments EXCEPT the songwriting. To prove my point, listen to the Renewal tracks on Scenarios of Violence or any live recording…they rip! What can become bland to listeners on Renewal sounds completely different elsewhere. I liked this album from the beginning despite the total 180 degree turn they took. Kreator has given us fans so much great music and it’s nice to know that even their worst album is still much better than a lot of other stuff out there. I personally would like to thank them for making my neck sore on many occasions!

    Posted on November 29, 2009