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Brooklyn, NY’s Liturgy (not to be confused with a Chicago death metal band of the same name) steeps indie black metal in the genre’s most basic foundations of buzzing, dissonant guitars and whirlwind percussion, yet they make the sound firmly their own–both modern and ancient. With a style similar to that of their NYC friends Krallice as well as the earlier works of the Norwegian wolves Ulver (particularly that band’s third LP masterwork Nattens Madrigal), Liturgy represents the seeping of black metal into the consciousness of the indie music world at large. The band claims influences ranging from cult black metal figures Vlad Tepes to Angelo Badalamenti to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, all of whom can be distantly identified in Liturgy’s approach.Renihilation, the band’s debut album following two demo tapes and the Immortal Life 12-inch, weaves intricate strands of dissonant dual-guitar riffing and complex blackened harmonics between main songwriter Hunter Hunt-Hendrix and second guitarist Bernard Gann. The strange tonalities provide layers of eerie distortion over which Hunt-Hendrix’s tortured howls battle to be heard. The chaotic yet superbly minimalist drumming of Greg Fox (also of Dan Deacon and Teeth Mountain), who uses only a kick, snare, and crash symbols, adds a dose of DIY punk / grind style to the mix. Several untitled intros and interludes consisting of vocal pieces and drones break the album up into distinct sections.The Krallice connection is strengthened by the mixing / mastering collaboration between the band and Krallice member Colin Marston. The purposely low-res, minimalist artwork recalls the work of German photographer Thomas Ruff in both aesthetic and intent: A photograph of a total eclipse, a massive celestial event, its aura subdued and defeated by the void left in the wake of the low-resolution of the image. It’s an apt analogy for Liturgy’s ecstatic sonic experiments.

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  • First off, let me say that I listen to all sorts and metal and noise bands, so I have no problem listening to heavy or chaotic music. But this I just can’t take. The best way to describe this music is : drone-like guitar of Mick Barr(Krallice, Ocrilim), insanely fast yet minimilast drumming, and non-lyrical howling. The problem is, is just doesn’t sound good. The music itself is really repetitive, but LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE SONG SOUNDS THE EXACT SAME! I know that metal is a somewhat repetitive genre, but this blows it out of the water.

    I was turned on to Liturgy from the samples on Amazon, so I downloaded the album. I gave them two stars because you can tell that the musicians are really talented, escpecially the drummer, but they defintley need to focus more. Download before you buy.

    Posted on February 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I saw this only got one review which was what I would expect for someone not too into this type of metal. This is similar to death metal but with much higher pitched screams and more technical music. The chanting on some tracks really pushes this album to greatness and seeing them play this live was incredible, chanting and all.

    Best track is 3/4 – download those two and link them together for one hell of a good track.

    There are many black metal bands that came to mind when I heard them live and then heard the album and there are many great traits of Behemoth’s older material that I feel influenced Renihilation.

    Pitchfork also seemed really into the album as well and they grade VERY hard: [...]

    If you like black metal or want a very unique and very listenable heavy album with ghost like screams – get this.

    Posted on February 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now