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Replugged Live

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The heavy psychedelic trio Earthless was featured at the annual Roadburn Festival in Holland – a celebration of tube-driven distortion, crackling electric guitars, and the many fans who come to celebrate the mighty riff. Earthless embodies the event’s essence, and this year, they wound up on the main stage in front of 2,000 fans, filling the time slot of the headlining band with a 90 minute visual mind and audio massacre. Told of the recordings, the band decided it was the most honest document they could offer; caught in their natural environment: the live show. The result is a double LP and CD masterpiece.

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  • One more trip into the past unearths this recent live collection from regular joe rockers Tesla. What you find on here is great song after great song, particularly on the 2nd CD. “Gettin’ Better” and “The Way It Is” sound better than their already impressive sudio versions. You can tell the band is having fun on stage, whether it’s on the Aerosmith influenced “Mama’s Fool” or the cold war anthem “Modern Day Cowboy.” Jeff Keith’s rasp hasn’t changed, nor has the acoustic/electric interplay between guitarists Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch. That they can do songs as different as the country-ish “What You Give” next to the rapid fire riffing of “Edison’s Medicine” is a testament to their talent and staying power as a great rock band.

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • AWSOME is the only way to describe this album.If you are a Tesla fan GET THIS ALBUM!!!!!!I have seen them live 2 times,both worth every penny of my money.I am surprised it took this long to come out with an electric plugged in album because they are so good live.It is good to see the boys back together again.This will quench my thirst until the new studio album comes out in March.Oh and to VH1 you called Tesla a 2 hit wonder band?This album has 20 reasons why you were WRONG!!! A MUST BUY!!!

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • REPLUGGED LIVE is a great live reunion album from Tesla, who, along with Cinderella, Badlands, early Whitesnake, later Bon Jovi, and a few others, were like a metal version of Skynyrd or the Outlaws- melodic, yet raw and honest. This two-CD set features live versions of songs from the group’s five 80s/early 90s albums. The music here proves an old adage: all hair bands were 80s hard rockers, but not all 80s hard rockers were hair bands.

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Damn, rock used to be fun didn’t it? This album brings me back to a day when you could rock out, headbang a little, wear black t-shirts, and go to concerts where everyone was having a blast. This album brings back those days very vividly.

    Tesla was probably one of the most underrated bands of the late 80’s-early 90’s. Never getting the recognition or fame of lesser bands, Tesla plugged away, releasing solid album after solid album. Their fans were true fans. And many, like me, have never stopped listening to the. This live collection, recorded on small venue tours, is the compilation of the best of their music from old to relatively new. The song selection is solid, and the sound makes you feel like you are at the club listening to the show.

    Call me old. Call me nostalgic for my youth. But if you pull up next to me at the stop light, don’t look at me wierd because I’m blasting this album and enjoying the hell out of it.

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a huge Tesla fan since 1986. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen, or heard them LIVE. Now we’ve all heard Teslas’ “5 Man Jam”, but that’s not really what I would consider a LIVE recording. It’s just a bunch of guys sitting around having fun.This is what I’ve been waiting for, and now it’s finally here….This CD is so awesome!!!….Tesla sounds so cool LIVE. All of their best songs are on here, and all of them rock!!!If you’ve ever been skeptical about buying a LIVE CD, don’t worry about this one. This is one, if not the best LIVE CD’s I’ve ever heard. The sound is crystal clear, and the songs on here are incredible. When Iron Maiden released “Live After Death” back in 1985, I never thought anybody could make a better LIVE album. Tesla has now reached that status. This Cd is packed full to the rim with power.I sure hope Tesla goes back into the studio, and then starts touring again. What a great treat this Cd is for all of us, I’m just so thankful to Tesla for putting this out for all of us. They are true to their fans, and when these guys decide to ROCK, they ROCK HARD!!!……This is the best CD I’ve heard this year.GO BUY IT NOW!!!TESLA RULES!!!!

    Posted on March 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now