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Replugged Live

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  • Damn, rock used to be fun didn’t it? This album brings me back to a day when you could rock out, headbang a little, wear black t-shirts, and go to concerts where everyone was having a blast. This album brings back those days very vividly.

    Tesla was probably one of the most underrated bands of the late 80’s-early 90’s. Never getting the recognition or fame of lesser bands, Tesla plugged away, releasing solid album after solid album. Their fans were true fans. And many, like me, have never stopped listening to the. This live collection, recorded on small venue tours, is the compilation of the best of their music from old to relatively new. The song selection is solid, and the sound makes you feel like you are at the club listening to the show.

    Call me old. Call me nostalgic for my youth. But if you pull up next to me at the stop light, don’t look at me wierd because I’m blasting this album and enjoying the hell out of it.

    Posted on March 14, 2010